Predicting the future with Joe Jensen of Intel

Joel Jensen of Intel talks about the future of technology.

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“I’m always on the lookout for how technology can uplift the skill set of all the staff to that of the very best staff member.”

We were promised flying cars. Instead, we’re getting self-driving cars. It doesn’t sound quite as exciting, but it’s certainly more practical. And safer.

Who could have predicted this version of the future? One where things don’t really resemble the world of George Jetson or Marty McFly, but where top companies could definitely be called “futuristic” when it comes to speed and efficiency.

Listening to Joe Jensen, vice president of the Internet of Things and general manager of Retail, Banking and Education at Intel, it’s easy to assume he has some sort of crystal ball or time machine. For him, the only way to lead is to be light years ahead of the competition. While he may not have anything to add to the flying car conversation, his 36 years at Intel have given him a unique perspective on innovation, customer expectations and the future of the technology we use every day.

In Business X factors: Predicting and Planning for the Future, Jensen talks about using older technology in new ways, mining other cultures for insights on customer expectations and the benefits of being just a little paranoid.

Solve any problem

“We can solve any problem if we really understand what problem we’re trying to solve,” Jensen said. When you work at a global company with no less than 3,800 PhDs in the mix, your problem-solving capacity is going to be extraordinary.

Jensen cites Amazon as a prime example of fully understanding a problem in order to dominate the market.

“Everybody’s [saying] ‘Amazon’s killing brick and mortar,’ and we’ve been saying for several years to retailers, ‘Amazon’s not your problem. Consumer expectations are your problem,’” Jensen said. “Online sellers have tools and analytics and technologies that allow them to nimbly meet these expectations.”

If you’re wondering, it is possible to transform in-person retail with technology tools — some of which have been around for over a decade. Jensen offers his take on retail, smartphones, streaming entertainment and much more in “Predicting and Planning for the Future.” Listen at

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