Success with the power of speed: Providing peace of mind when everything you do has to be fast

Last week, I had the opportunity to chat with one of our directors of Global Services, Chris Zurn, regarding last year’s user conference, CommunityLIVE. With everything different now, and in-person large gatherings not possible for the time being, it made us really happy to remember that fantastic week in September here on the North Coast of Ohio.

The weather last fall was sunny and perfect, and we spent the days of the conference talking with hundreds of customers, all learning from each other. A great example of this knowledge sharing is when Zurn presented with one of our customers, John Marcinko, who is a program manager at HEPACO, a 24-hour emergency response company.

Every day, HEPACO responds to a broad range of emergency incidents, including hazardous substance releases at industrial facilities, ports, roadways, railways, pipelines and waterways. And that’s just a small part of its range of services.

Right now HEPACO also provides other incredibly important services. The company helps support decontamination and biological cleaning efforts for schools, municipalities, universities, hospitals, stadiums and arenas, convention centers, retail facilities and gas stations, public transportation, manufacturing plants, and other largescale facilities in response to the COVID-19 virus.

It was inspiring to hear what Zurn and Marcinko had to say — and I’ve heard a lot of great customer success stories, writing about content services and digital information management for more than 15 years.

But still; hearing people share their stories about the transformational impact that small adjustments to data-driven processes have on their ability to serve their people? That’s a win.

Or on their ability to further their organizations’ core missions? Time well spent. That never gets old.

The power of speed

HEPACO’s teams specialize in emergency response (ER) for a wide geographic area, covering 20 states in the Mid-Atlantic and Southeast United States. And they’re really good at it. Established in 1984 in Charlotte, NC, HEPACO has also doubled in size since 2016 due to organic growth & acquisitions.

“Everything HEPACO does is fast. It has to be.”
– Chris Zurn, director of Global Services at Hyland

A key thing to note about the ER industry is that organizations have to have people and equipment physically located within 90 minutes from any client site. This means logistically, ER companies have to keep track of a lot of people and a lot of equipment over a large geographical area.

And they need to be ready to immediately remediate when called upon.

At CommunityLIVE, Marcinko shared with the audience how Hyland’s professional services team worked closely with HEPACO to accomplish true visibility into complicated operations with content services, including physical asset tracking as well as financial tracking.

The people responded fast, but accounting operations limited potential

“Everything they do is fast. It has to be,” said Zurn, echoing HEPACO senior leadership observations.

But a few years ago, operations were not fast enough in AR at HEPACO. Everything was manual and on paper.

Marcinko and HEPACO leadership knew they needed to figure a way to automate, capture documents electronically and capture data in real time. This would allow HEPACO to both attain metrics, and lower days sales outstanding (DSO).

Before HEPACO went digital, by the time everything was manually entered into the system, it was too late. Leaders didn’t have the metrics they wanted to run the business the way they wanted to.

They knew they needed to get away from all the paper. Get all of their documents into OnBase. And not only to get good metrics for the business, but to get an invoice out the door.

HEPACO knew it couldn’t do automated invoicing unless it had all of the comprehensive data it needed to do the invoicing.

Transforming operations begins with data-driven insights

HEPACO leadership’s vision was to be able to know every day how they did the day before, and where they stood in terms of assets and resources, including things like: Where are our people in the field? Where is the equipment? Are they being utilized? Are they working? And where are the current numbers?

They also wanted to be able to bill on a daily basis if possible — but this ultimately depends on client requirements.

Zurn agrees that this was significant to optimizing operations, noting, “It’s not uncommon for a company that does this type of work to have $100,000 outstanding for an ER project. They’re not a bank after all, they’re an emergency response company.”

Lower DSO means more cash flow and increased capability to respond. In fact, a low state of DSO begins with strategic AR, and it results in ability to perform in the way your organization requires in order to differentiate itself.

Mancinko shared the optimization capabilities that were key to transforming AR, increasing strategic visibility and achieving three of HEPACO’s organizational goals:

1. Integrate as much as possible

HEPACO integrates its Hyland content services solutions with Deltek Costpoint ERP, Deltek T&E and ADP. This optimizes:

2. Capture project data in real-time

This includes rolling out tablets to the field to capture equipment usage and time injury. HEPACO now captures that ER data instantly in the field, and measures utilization of equipment and utilization of employees on a daily basis.

3. Incorporate Dashboards for leadership visibility

This includes billed versus unbilled projects.

A rapidly evolving world requires the ability to respond quickly

“The team here at Hyland has helped us tremendously with integrating quickly, building the new solutions quickly and getting this implemented.”
– John Mancinko, program manager at HEPACO

Looking back to that week in sunny September, where we explored how content services technology and solution partners enable any organization to meet evolving needs — of their customers, their industry or their regulatory bodies, strategically and securely — I remember feeling such a sense of wonder at what is possible.

And now, with a dramatically different world thrust upon us in just a few months, where the safety and well-being of our families and those we serve is practically the only thing we are thinking about, I still feel in awe over what organizations around the world have been able to do to respond quickly to those in need.

Here at the beginning of May, we are all getting through this together by contributing our individual skills, talents, resources and ingenuity, in order to respond in the unique way that we can help.

HEPACO is doing just that. With a qualified team and ample resources at-the-ready, they are providing a service that might be behind the scenes, but is in the forefront of our minds.

As a Content Strategist for Hyland's Global Services, Sarah has a background in business and technical writing and has worked in several areas of the organization since 2003. She has earned several industry certifications along the way—including Microsoft Certified Professional—and has spent time in Solution, Product and Global Services Marketing. Having the opportunity to experience the technical, user-based, enterprise-class and industry-specific areas of Hyland's solutions and services gives Sarah unique insight into the true impact Hyland has on the world. An avid reader and outdoors enthusiast, Sarah enjoys spending time exploring with her Golden-doodle dog Leo and writing about the impactful, inspirational human stories that accompany technology in our evolving, data-driven world.
Sarah Stoner

Sarah Stoner

As a Content Strategist for Hyland’s Global Services, Sarah has a background in business and technical writing and has worked in several areas of the organization since 2003. She has... read more about: Sarah Stoner