Why we’re sponsoring the Blockland Solutions Conference in CLE

For more than a quarter century, Hyland has played a key role in transforming Northeast Ohio into a thought leader in emerging technologies. Throughout this time, we’ve helped create an environment where top talent can find innovative jobs and tech entrepreneurs can start their own businesses.

And we’re not stopping now.

As we continue to research emerging technologies and explore how we can apply them to the content services market, we believe blockchain and its decentralized distributed ledger technology has tremendous potential. That’s why we’re a proud co-sponsor of the inaugural Blockland Solutions Conference – a community-wide movement to establish a blockchain ecosystem in Cleveland and put the region at the forefront of blockchain thought leadership.

Building the blockchain community

Thanks to a diverse community of collaborators, Cleveland is well suited to build an ecosystem of blockchain technology supporters. People are at the top of our agenda, and the Blockland initiative and Solutions Conference – which Hyland is thrilled to support – will foster meaningful conversations to help us identify, attract, train, and retain amazing talent in our region. Personally, I’m excited to be co-chair of the Blockland Talent Development and Retention Node, working alongside leaders from organizations that are driving innovation that starts here in Cleveland and reaches across the globe.

“The commitment of Hyland and KeyBank as presenting partners illustrates their strong belief that the blockland initiative presents an opportunity to put Cleveland on the map as a hub for developer and tech talent,” said Steven Santamaria, co-chair of the Blockland Thought Leadership node and CEO of Folio Photonics. “Their support is essential and will provide unprecedented programming and an unforgettable experience for a first-year conference.”

Growing our blockchain efforts

Here at Hyland, we’re interested in identifying a number of projects leveraging blockchain technology for the content services market.

Our areas of interest for research and partnerships include:

  • Document signing and electronic signatures
  • Electronic health records
  • Banking
  • Government
  • Audit trails
  • Physical asset management

If you’re an expert in any of these areas, come see us in booth 21 at the show. We’d love to talk to you. It’s also a great opportunity for you to check out our newest way to drive innovation: Hyland Labs.

Attending the Blockland Solutions Conference

The Blockland Solutions Conference takes place December 1 – 4 at the Huntington Convention Center of Cleveland. This will be one of the first blockchain educational conferences and will provide experiential learning through hands-on coding and real-world problem solving, with a focus on solutions for business and government applications.

Interested in attending? Here’s a discount code: HYLAND200 for $200 off.

See you there!

Brenda Kirk joined Hyland, creator of OnBase, in 2000 and has since held several key positions in support of sales initiatives. She joined the company as an Accounting Manager serving Financial Services customers, was promoted to Director of Financial Services in 2002 and held that title until becoming VP of Sales, Americas, in 2005.

Under Brenda’s leadership, Hyland’s total revenues increased more than 96 percent. In 2010, she took on the newly created VP of Strategy post to help drive the company’s long-term strategic vision and aggressive growth goals.

She serves on the Foundation Board and also the Children’s Hospital VAC at MetroHealth Medical Center, one of the largest, most comprehensive public health care providers in Northeast Ohio.
Brenda Kirk

Brenda Kirk

Brenda Kirk joined Hyland, creator of OnBase, in 2000 and has since held several key positions in support of sales initiatives. She joined the company as an Accounting Manager serving... read more about: Brenda Kirk