We made Fortune’s ‘40 Best Workplaces in Tech” list, again!

Ok, so Cleveland was a little challenged this football season. In case you don’t know, the Brown’s had a ‘perfect’ season – not a single win.

They tried 16 times, but still came up with a goose egg.

But don’t cry for us, there are winning teams in Cleveland. And I’m not just talking about the Cavs. I’m talking about a home team that’s been winning for more than 25 years in a row: Us.

I’m proud to announce, once again, Hyland has been named to Fortune magazine’s 40 Best Workplaces in Technology list. It’s truly an honor. As I said last year, winning can be wonderful™. And the good vibes that come from a big win are best shared.

Hyland came in at number 16 this year. Not bad, considering there are at least 100,000 software and IT service companies in the United States, according to SELECTUSA.

Why it’s important to you

“Leaders of organizations around the world recognize when they are selecting an enterprise solution, they are buying more than software. They are partnering with an organization they will depend upon for continuous R&D, upgrades, customer service and technical support,” said Ed McQuiston, Hyland’s senior vice president of global sales & marketing.

Then think about this: Half of employees in the U.S. are not engaged in their jobs, according to the Gallup Organization.

When you consider the ramifications of this startling statistic, especially when talking about systems your employees depend upon to access the information they need to do their jobs, it’s kind of frightening.

Here at Hyland, saying we have a ‘perfect’ record would be a stretch, but we are always working towards keeping employees engaged.

And, when you partner with an engaged company – everyone wins!

Kathleen Vegh

Kathleen Vegh

Kathleen Vegh works in Hyland’s Human Resources department as the director of employee experience, a position she’s held since February of 2008. In her role, she leads a team that... read more about: Kathleen Vegh