Veteran Hylite: Alex Bell

Welcome back to the Veteran Hylite blog series. We’re glad you’re tuning in, as veterans are an important part of the HylandLife.

From Data Capture Product Owners to Technical Support Managers, veterans are using their knowledge, skills, and training to help us push the innovation envelope.

This time, we check in with Alex Bell, who was a part of the Psychological Operations team while he served in the Army Reserve. These days, he’s a Technical Support Analyst for the Hyland Healthcare team.

Lessons learned

We started our discussion by talking about the lessons Alex learned while serving that have helped him in his civilian career.

“The military gave me skills that have been very helpful,” Alex said. “Things like: How to lead a team, project management, marketing skills, a strong work ethic, and a drive to accomplish any mission. I also learned, in my opinion, exceptional critical-thinking skills.”

After talking with other Hyland vets, I’ve noticed the difficulty in transitioning to a civilian career, so I asked Alex what he thought.

“Being in the Army Reserve, I have always had to maintain civilian employment,” he noted. “The key is finding a military friendly employer that is enthusiastic about working with the extra commitment that comes along with being a member of the Reserve.”

Lunch with … my grandfather

“If you could have lunch with anyone, living or dead,” I asked, “who would it be and why?”

“Probably my grandfather. He developed Alzheimer’s when I was a teenager. He went downhill fast after I graduated Basic Training and passed while I was on my first deployment,” said Alex. “I would like to have lunch with him because he is the only other person in my family to serve and I never had the opportunity to know him as an adult. It would have been nice to hear some of his stories.”

Rewards and advice

When I asked Alex what the most rewarding part of his job was, he tapped into Hyland’s customer-first mindset.

“When I am able to help a customer find a new or better way to use their solutions,” he told me. “Many of our customers do not understand the full range of capabilities we provide, so it’s great when I help them realize they already have to tools to fix their problems.”

We wrapped up with any advice Alex wanted to share with other veterans looking to get into the tech field.

“Find a balance of education and experience. You don’t need a doctorate to become a system administrator,” he said. ”Education is important, but so are experience and certifications.”

Thanks for reading. Tune in next time, when we talk to Joe Kocsis, a Hyland vet who is a Developer in our R&D department.

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