The top 19 blog posts of ’19

Another one bites the dust.

That’s right, folks, 2019 is now last year. It feels like it flew past; like time is speeding up.

Of course, whenever I think like that, I need only to remember the kind words of Ryan, my (younger) colleague.

“That’s because more than half your life is gone,” he’s fond of reminding me. “You have, what, 37 percent left?”

Clearly, I’m picking up steam as I begin 2020 on a downhill. So I’ve got that going for me. Let’s hope I don’t get a speeding ticket.

Now the news.

The tip of the top

Based on your clicks, these were the most popular blog posts from 2019.


1. From soldier to civilian: How Hyland helps veterans bridge the gap

“Veterans are an important part of the Hyland life and strengthen our organization in all areas,” said Kathleen Vegh, senior HR manager at Hyland. “That’s why we offer many resources to help and encourage success as they transition from military to civilian life.”

But don’t take our word for it. Check out Kathleen’s post to read stories from two of our very own vets: Raquel Rivera, a QA analyst, and Rich Ventresca, a test engineer.

2. The high-tech future of accounts payable

Clearly, many of you want to know how artificial intelligence, big data, and blockchain will take accounts payable automation into the future.

Check out this popular post by Danielle Simer, marketing portfolio manager at Hyland, to see how you can prepare to utilize these innovative tools in order to ensure success today and into the future.

3. Cleveland: Why I returned and why #CommunityLIVE is coming here

Who thinks of Cleveland when they think of tech?

Turns out, a lot more people than you think. From evolving into a digital medical hub to leading the blockchain charge, Cleveland is at the forefront of technological innovation.

That’s exactly why CommunityLIVE returned to Cleveland this year — for the first time since the original event in 2001. More than 2,700 customers, prospects, and partners converged in our hometown for a tech conference like no other.

Check out this great blog post by Drew Chapin, vice president and chief marketing officer at Hyland, to read more about the reasons why he — and CommunityLIVE — returned to Cleveland.

4. Hyland named a Leader in the 2019 Aspire CCM Leaderboard for Business Automation

We’re all about customer success. That means helping our customers deliver an exceptional experience to the people they serve — whether it’s a customer, patient, constituent, or student.

So we’re delighted Aspire named Hyland a Leader in its 2019 CCM Leaderboard for Business Automation. To find out how your organization can use automation to revolutionize your customer experience, read this blog post by Katie Alberti, content marketing manager at Hyland.

5. Hyland named a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Content Services Platforms 2019

Last year, Hyland was named a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Content Services Platforms 2019. This marks our tenth-consecutive year as a Leader.

While this accomplishment is important to us, it’s even more important for our customers.

To find out why, read this great blog post by John Phelan, executive vice president and chief product officer at Hyland.

6. TechQuest 2019: Invest in your skills and maximize your organization’s Hyland investment

At TechQuest, attendees chose from more than 70 hands-on training sessions designed to develop and refine their OnBase and Perceptive knowledge. They also learned about powerful enhancements in the latest releases, discussed their current initiatives, and picked up best practices from the most experienced team of content services professionals in the world.

While that’s great, you want to know what the connection is between Huey Lewis and the News’ ground-breaking album “Sports” and TechQuest. To find out, check out this blog post by Matt Discenzo, director of global education services at Hyland.

Hint: When they play their music, ooh that modern music ...

7. 8 ways HR can positively impact the bottom line

Though this blog post by product marketing legend Katie Alberti is five-and-a-half years old, it clearly still strikes a chord, as it was the seventh most-popular post of the year.

Check it out to find out how to turn your HR department into a profit center.

8. 5 things wealth management firms get wrong about digital transformation

The demographics of wealth management clients are changing — and will continue to change in the coming years. But more importantly, client expectations are changing. The same forces that drove innovation in consumer banking are now pushing wealth management to the cusp of a digital revolution.

For traditional wealth management firms, going digital is a vast opportunity to realize greater efficiencies, manage costs, and transform their roles with — and value to — clients. Although the industry unanimously agrees on the importance of digital transformation, few organizations get it right.

Check out this blog post by Steve Comer, director of sales for financial services at Hyland, to bust five myths that hold wealth management firms back from successfully embracing innovation.

9. 3 ways AI is revolutionizing data capture

From Siri and Alexa to customer-service chatbots and stock-trading Forex robots, artificial intelligence has fundamentally changed many aspects of the way we work. Data capture is no exception to the rule.

Imagine feeding a batch of different invoices to a scanner, stepping away, and letting a computer file and prepare them, so you only deal with exceptions before paying the bills. This frees you to focus on higher-value tasks, instead of processing documents and invoices manually.

To find out more about how your organization can utilize AI to capture data more effectively, read this post by Amanda Ulery, manager of Hyland’s product marketing team.

10. Automation makes a difference in A&G

Appeals and grievances (A&G) is one of the most monitored and regulated processes for healthcare payers. The requirements influence everything from response times and escalation to tracking and reporting.

Automating highly manual steps in the process by using document management, workflow, and business process automation goes a long way in helping you improve your A&G services. Read this post — written by Ken Congdon, Hyland healthcare content marketing manager and legend in his own right — to find out how technology improves both compliance and the patient experience.

11. AP automation: Ease of use and ERP integrations top the list

Simplicity of use, good pricing, and ease of integration with ERP systems have risen to the top of the purchase criteria list.

Those were the findings of a recent Payables Insight Report in which Levvel Research surveyed more than 250 finance and accounting decision makers to find out, among other things, how important certain features and characteristics are when considering AP automation solutions.

Check out this great blog post by Danielle Simer, marketing portfolio manager at Hyland, to learn more.

12. A day in the life interview: Software development manager

Have you ever wondered what life is like as a software development manager? Check out this great blog post to learn more, including insight into pursuing a career in R&D.

13. What our execs are reading: John Rice

Here on The Hyland Blog, we’re constantly tapping the collective wisdom of our corporate leadership team, especially when it comes to technology. But sometimes, it’s great to find out who they turn to for advice.

For the inaugural post of this popular series, we heard from John Rice, vice president of global healthcare services at Hyland. Take a look to see what two books have motivated John during his career.

14. Our secret to success: We show up every day and stay true to our core values

Whether you’re building a global company or are a startup, these concepts are what we use as a foundation to grow in a manner that ensures success — both financially and personally.

To find out why core values should be more than just words, read this excellent post by Kathleen Vegh, senior HR manager at Hyland.

15. What our execs are reading: Sam Babic

Check out seven sources of inspiration for Sam Babic, Hyland’s senior VP and chief technology officer.

16. The foundation for a family of thousands

Another blast from the past!

Read this fantastic blog post by Clare Cottrill – another legendary content marketing manager at Hyland – to find out how Hyland laid a foundation in 1991 that supports more than 3,500 employees and over 22,000 customers around the world.

17. A day in the life of a scrum master: Linda Podder

Ever wondered what life is like as a software scrum master? Check out this post to see how to become a scrum master, learn about day-to-day operations, and even pick up some tech career advice­­­!

18. The 7 pillars of customer first

Our final blast from the past is yet another great post that details the foundations of Hyland culture and how we’ve successfully grown by continuously focusing on our customers.

19. What our execs are reading: Ed McQuiston

Ed McQuiston, executive vice president and chief commercial officer at Hyland, isn’t a shy person. And he likes to get things done.

As he says, “Another way of putting it is ‘challenging’ ourselves to rise to the occasion.”

Three guesses as to what two challenging business books are Ed’s favorites. And the first two guesses don’t count.

Let’s do it all again

Good luck in 2020! Go after your dreams!

Because if you’re like me, apparently, the clock is ticking away the moments that make up a full day.

… Very, very quickly.

Scoop Skupien is a former radio station mascot. A rabbit, if you really want to know. These days, he's a content marketing manager at Hyland. The author of three books, he’s been writing about tech at Hyland for more than a decade. His industry certifications include CDIA, ecmp, and an MBA.
Scoop Skupien

Scoop Skupien

Scoop Skupien is a former radio station mascot. A rabbit, if you really want to know. These days, he’s a content marketing manager at Hyland. The author of three books,... read more about: Scoop Skupien