The positive impact of Hyland’s Women in Networking group

women in networking

As a Business Consultant in the Government vertical at Hyland, I’ve been thankful to gain experience at a top content services organization. Hyland provides collaborative technical training, department resources, and opportunities to take on challenging work. While Hyland offers numerous resources for my career, another area that is important to me is connecting with employees who have similar goals.

Last year, Hyland implemented a new program called HylandWIN (women in networking). HylandWIN’s mission is to empower women to excel professionally and personally. The group strives to identify and promote the strengths of Hyland’s female employees to enhance the overall success of our community.

Go for the win

So far, I’ve really enjoyed all of the HylandWIN lineups! HylandWIN hosts workshops, invites external speakers, and has an internal web page with materials to help employees align their personal and professional goals. From attending these events, I’ve been able to apply what I learned.

For me, one takeaway is from Lisa Zone’s presentation “The Impact Verbals/Non-Verbals Can Have On Your Career.” She spoke on how females can lose credibility in their communication by the tone of their voice with uptalk or vocal fry. This made me cautious professionally and personally for my overall tone of voice.

One of my favorite HylandWIN sessions was the Group Gathering Event with all the HylandWIN members. It was by far the most interactive experience. This event was the perfect icebreaker for everyone in attendance.

At first, I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect. I figured people within their own departments would stick together. However, that wasn’t the case at all! When I walked in, the atmosphere was very inviting, with music playing in the background. And there was delicious food and drinks, which is always a bonus!

The committee split everyone up into small, randomized groups. Then, they handed each group an Origami paper game. This game consisted of asking personal and professional questions. Everyone had a turn choosing and answering the questions.

It was amazing hearing each other’s experiences, especially when we found things in common. Not only was it great to hear experiences, but it was fantastic to interact with senior-level employees and realize we share similar beliefs. The event made networking with other Hylanders fun and easy.

As Hyland expands its employee base – now more than 3,200 – it is great to have programs like these where employees can meet one another. If you’re a Hylander, I highly recommend attending the next Group Gathering.

Look for resources and groups at your organization

Whether you are a part of Hyland or another organization, I encourage you to look into resources your organization or community has in place to support you as an individual. Seek to support other women and build successes together. Be a champion not only for yourself, but also for your organization, male and female, to recognize and support the diverse strengths of female colleagues.

Because that’s how we all win.

Suzie Noviski

Suzie Noviski

Suzie Noviski is a Business Consultant in the Government vertical at Hyland. In her current role, she provides business analysis consulting services with the overall objective of implementing business application... read more about: Suzie Noviski