The Hyland Blog’s top 13 posts of 2017

It’s a new year, so let’s go crazy. Let’s break the ‘top 10 list’ template, shall we?

Of course, there’s a reason to our madness. By expanding the list to 13, we get to include some great life advice, as you’ll see in the last two posts.

While it’s hard to believe, The Hyland Blog is less than a year old. Of course, that doesn’t mean this newbie isn’t full of wisdom based on more than 25 years of putting our customers first, treating employees like family, and – as an intern put it best – working hard and being nice to people.

The top 13

Since those of us who work on The Hyland Blog are allergic to fancy algorithms and stuff like that, here are the top 13 posts of 2017, based on popularity, to get you ready for 2018!

  1. The 7 pillars of customer first

A member of our Customer Experience team talks about the foundational principles we use to deliver the best customer experience possible. If they’re the secret to our customer success, they aren’t so secret any more.

  1. RSNA 2017 part 1: Explore alternatives to the PACS-only imaging model

This year, we went all-in and sent 90 people to the Radiological Society of North America’s annual meeting to learn, network, and share information about how to advance radiology with innovation. While at the conference, we published a three-part series that looks at how your organization can meet RSNA’s objectives: Exploring, inventing, and transforming.

Part one explores how to use enterprise imaging to get beyond the limitations of traditional PACS solutions. By creating an environment where you consolidate the management of all patient images throughout your healthcare enterprise, key stakeholders in the clinical process – whether they reside within or outside the four walls of your healthcare facility – can easily share and access those images.

With easier access to images, you increase your ability to provide excellent patient care.

  1. Building a new family at Hyland

This post, written by an intern in our Quality Assurance department, was a departure for The Hyland Blog. The author, Nick, shares the emotional story of losing both his parents and putting his life back together (with a little help from his friends).

We’re glad so many of you were as moved as we were by the story of a young man in a new country finding purpose and rebuilding his life through a new career at a company full of people who really care.

  1. My top 5 #CommunityLIVE social media moments

Our Social Media Manager breaks down her top social moments from her fifth – and favorite – CommunityLIVE.

Tweets that included pictures of our Executive Vice President & Chief Commercial Officer standing on stage, holding spinning plates, with a whirling globe perched on his head and machetes flying by?

Yeah, those made the list.

  1. Hyland named one of the Best Places to Work for Women

Debbie Connelly, our Senior Vice President of Human Resources, proudly announced that Great Places to Work and Fortune recognized our efforts to provide a supportive environment for all employees.

In the early days, males primarily pursued careers in the technology field. But there’s a shift happening, and we’re proud to be a part of it.

In the past three years, we’ve seen 50 percent growth of female employees within our workforce in our U.S. locations. To support this growth, and continue the positive trend, we’ve coordinated onsite programs to support women employees and candidates interested pursuing technology careers.

  1. Interns into executives: An interview with Brenda Kirk, part 1

Demonstrating the developmental programs Debbie talked about above, this post is part of a series of interviews we conducted with five women executives at Hyland. These Vice Presidents talk about how they achieved success and offer young women who want to join the tech industry great advice on how to accomplish their dreams.

  1. Work hard and be nice to people

The title kinda says it all, right?

  1. Uh oh! It’s Welcome to Work Day!

At Hyland, we do a lot of fun stuff to make all that hard work enjoyable. A lot.

But sometimes, when you’re arriving in the morning, you just want to get in the building. Then your CEO and President chases you down in a golf cart and makes you go for a joyride. Check out Mike Lovett’s cat-and-mouse game to sneak into Hyland without being noticed.

Spoiler alert: He loses. Every year.

  1. The foundation for a family of thousands

We learned a lot from an interview with four of Hyland’s founding members: Packy Hyland, Jr. (founder), Chris Hyland (Executive Vice President and CFO), A.J. Hyland (former President and CEO) and Miguel Zubizaretta (former CTO).

Ever dreamed of starting your own company and then scaling it to more than 3,000 employees, almost 16,000 lifetime customers, and offices around the globe?

If so, this is a must read.

  1. Women in tech: Going for the WIN, together

Here’s another example of the developmental programs Hyland offers women in the tech field: A Women in Networking (WIN) employee resource group whose mission is to empower women to excel professionally and personally. With more than 200 members, HylandWIN strives to identify and foster the strengths of our female employees to enhance the overall success of our Hyland community.

This blog post calls out some great advice from the group’s most recent meeting, including tips for communicating with confidence and power.

  1. 3 more reasons why customers should attend #CommunityLIVE

Why should you attend CommunityLIVE? We could give you a thousand reasons.

Better yet, here are three great reasons from one of our longtime customers.

  1. 4 tips to balancing a full-time job with wellness

With only so many hours in a day, how do you balance a full-time job with wellness? You prioritize wellness and don’t compromise.

Check out four more tips to achieve that all-important balance.

  1. Work-life balance or life-work balance?

Ah, balance, there it is again. We must be onto something here.

Inspired by her brother’s battle with cancer, Carissa and her husband find the time to train for a 180-mile bike tour that raises money for cancer research. An inspiring story that dares to dream of a world without this disease.

Looking back through this list, I’m proud of what we all accomplished last year. Not only did we launch this blog, but we also provided some great advice for careers and life. Or maybe I have that backward.

Either way, we hope you continue to find inspiration here. Together, we’re gonna rock 2018!

Scoop Skupien

Scoop Skupien

Scoop Skupien is a former radio station mascot. A rabbit, if you really want to know. These days, he’s a content marketing manager at Hyland. The author of three books,... read more about: Scoop Skupien