It’s Customer Appreciation Week at Hyland!

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Customer first.

Here at Hyland, these words aren’t a marketing slogan. They’re a deeply ingrained ideal that every employee adheres to and acts on daily. We insist that with every customer interaction we have, our employees place our customers first.

Because of this commitment to our customers, they are enthusiastic, vocal, and loyal. We love that.

Our customer-first mentality means we take customer requests very seriously. In fact, our annual software release includes thousands of relevant customer requests for enhancements to our solution suite. This has helped us to emerge as a market leader in enterprise content management (ECM) and enterprise information platform technology.

At Hyland, we treat our customers like partners. And it’s rewarding to help people do great things by making their organizations more efficient and effective. That’s why, over the last 25 years, we’ve also earned the reputation as a leader in customer engagement.

Our customers not only expect us to deliver quality solutions, they demand it.

A week of reminders

We take customer service very seriously, but every year, we like to remind ourselves just how important it is. So this week at Hyland serves as a reminder to us all to keep it up.

To celebrate our customers, here’s what will be happening at Hyland:

  • Executives will sit in on Tech Support calls throughout the week
  • We’ll send hand-written thank you notes to customers
  • There will be customer-themed specials in the Hyland Diner
  • Customer fun facts and trivia will be on display throughout our Westlake campus
  • We will plaster so many “Customers First” decals on walls and windows, Hylanders might not be able to see outside

That first bullet point is an important one. It shows we put customers first – and our leadership is right there out front. More than a dozen executives will be sitting in on hour-long sessions with our Technical Support group all week to hear what you’re saying first-hand.

This kind of commitment to our customers – and fixing their business issues – is why 96 percent of our customer base renews its annual maintenance.

As we move forward into Customer Appreciation Week and even further into our defining reputation as an industry leader for quality and service, we’re never going to forget two very important words: customer first.

Tiffany Scherer

Tiffany Scherer

Tiffany Scherer is the director of Customer Experience at Hyland. She joined the company in 1999, and currently leads the charge in delivering the most delightful customer experiences possible. With... read more about: Tiffany Scherer