It’s all about the customer at the 2016 BPM & Case Management Global Summit

Case management awards

From better fulfillment of service requests to faster resolution of fraud cases, every conversation about case management solutions ultimately centers on the customer. It’s all about customer service, experience and satisfaction.

And this was definitely the case at the 2016 BPM & Case Management Global Summit in Washington, D.C. Earlier this week, Forrester principal analyst Clay Richardson opened the summit with a customer-focused keynote address, discussing extending business process management (BPM) and case management to improve the customer experience.

“In companies that do customer experience the best, everyone shares in driving customer experience,” Richardson said, after asking attendees the “trick question” of exactly who in their organizations owns this vital function. However, in many organizations, the information, individuals and interactions that propel customer experience are disconnected and siloed – equating to less-than-optimal service.

The right technology and approach – from combining BPM and CRM capabilities to leveraging case management to delving into the emerging worlds of robotics and cognitive technologies – can help minimize these siloes, providing a better experience for both employees and the customers they serve.

Supporting this customer-is-king stance, Richardson highlighted a big shift in priorities within BPM initiatives. Two years ago, the top focus was on increasing employee productivity and cutting costs. Today, the focus is on customer experience.

Case management software solutions – which provide knowledge workers with instant access to the contextual information and content they need to fulfill requests, resolve issues and maintain relationships – are one way of meeting this priority shift.

Case management BPM awardsTwo OnBase by Hyland customers recognized for case management success

Long after the keynote ended, the theme of customer-centricity continued throughout the three-day summit and into the 2016 Global Awards for Excellence in Case Management gala dinner – where two of our OnBase customers were recognized with this prestigious award.

Award winners Grinnell Mutual Reinsurance Company and WPS Health Solutions (WPS) were recognized by the Workflow Management Coalition (WfMC) and for case management success by empowering knowledge workers, improving customer service levels and adapting business processes to the dynamic and unpredictable nature of knowledge-driven work.

Grinnell Mutual, the largest primary reinsurer of farm mutual companies in North America, leveraged OnBase case management capabilities to transform its underwriting and claims processes. The organization configured the solution – without custom coding – to link all information and notes related to policies and claims for greater collaboration and transparency. Since implementing its solution and enhancing it over time, Grinnell has increased visibility between its Claims and Underwriting departments, gained greater process consistency, improved customer service and underwritten more business, faster.

Award recipient WPS, a not-for-profit health insurer, sought a solution that would help with its information-intensive credentialing and enrollment process to review and enroll more than 100,000 physicians and medical facilities interested in offering Medicare services. Working with authorized OnBase solution provider Naviant to deploy its OnBase case management solution, WPS automated mundane manual tasks, streamlined the provider credentialing process and equipped its employees to make better decisions. As a result of process automation, WPS reduced the average time to complete enrollment review from 62 days to 19 days, gaining 69 percent process improvement and enhancing service levels.

These exciting customer awards – which mark the third consecutive year that the WfMC has recognized OnBase users – were an amazing way to top off the customer-focused buzz at the BPM & Case Management Global Summit.

Congratulations to all of the 2016 award winners, and cheers to more customer-focused case management success stories to come!

Want to learn more about how WPS and Grinnell are leveraging OnBase for case management? Check out their case studies here and here.


In her more than 10 (wonderful) years at Hyland, Amanda Ulery has taken on the mission of sharing the business value of Hyland solutions with anyone who will listen. The proud manager of the product marketing team, she has a background in integrated marketing, the stubborn focus (and eye for detail) of an ex-journalist and the goal of helping the world realize how Hyland solutions can truly transform the way we work.
Amanda Ulery

Amanda Ulery

In her more than 10 (wonderful) years at Hyland, Amanda Ulery has taken on the mission of sharing the business value of Hyland solutions with anyone who will listen. The... read more about: Amanda Ulery