Introducing the Veteran Hylite blog series


Hyland places an importance on veterans and encourages them to succeed in their transitions to civilian careers. But recently, we’ve strengthened our vision for hiring and finding talented veterans to join our organization by forming a Veteran Employee Resource Group.

Not only is it the right thing to do, but we’ve also found that the benefits of hiring veterans have strengthened our organization in all areas. It’s been a total win-win.

Highlighting veterans quarterly

When Hylander, and veteran, Joe Kocsis recently talked about how proud we were to win a Military Friendly Employers Gold Award, we were pleased by the positive reaction. So, as a new opportunity for readers and Hyland employees to learn more about military life, we are introducing a new blog series called the Veteran Hylite.

The series will introduce Hyland veteran employees and talk about their time serving, how they’ve transitioned from military life into #Hylandlife, and how everyone can help make a difference in veteran’s lives.

We’ll be publishing the series quarterly, so keep out for the first part later this month!

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