Hyland is going to the dogs!

Wait, reverse that. The dogs are coming to Hyland. City Dogs, specifically.

That’s right, City Dogs Cleveland are coming to hang out during the first Food Truck Frenzy of the summer at Hyland’s global headquarters on June 14. As a volunteer at City Dogs and a Hyland employee, I couldn’t be more excited about two of my passions colliding.

City Dogs Cleveland is the adoption arm of Cleveland Animal Care and Control (CACC). The dogs that enter our care are picked up as strays in the City of Cleveland. We attempt to reunite these pups with their families; when that doesn’t pan out – we try to find them new forever homes that will love them the way they truly deserve.

And that’s what we’ll be doing this Thursday at Hyland’s building 1, located at 28500 Clemens Road in Westlake, OH, from 11:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m. We’re inviting the public to come by, meet some lovable dogs, and enjoy some tasty snacks from these local food trucks:

  • Slyman’s Tavern
  • Boca Loca Burrito Factory
  • Proper Pig Smokehouse
  • Lorenzo’s Wood Fired Pizza
  • 216 Bistro
  • KB Confections
  • Sweet Spot

The benefits of adopting a dog

Many studies outline the benefits of having a canine companion. Here is a list of my personal observations, based on the very scientific study of hanging out with City Dogs any chance I have:

  • Personal trainers

Dogs love to be outside and active! They need to walk, love to hike and some excel at running. I personally clock two minutes faster per mile when I am running with a pup than on my own – talk about motivation!

They also get you out when you could easily skip your exercise session, and you will both be grateful that you did when you finish.

  • Nutrition coaches

There is nothing like a pair of hopeful puppy dog eyes to convince you to share your snack! Do you really need to finish that whole bag of nachos? No!

Sharing a little bit with a canine friend cuts your calories in half, but doubles your satisfaction.

  • DVR Buddies

We all need some downtime to catch up on our favorite shows.

A four-legged friend won’t judge you when you tell Netflix, “Yes, I am STILL watching.”

  • Confidants

Pets are excellent listeners. Need to practice that presentation, get some things off your chest without saying something you’ll regret? Or even belt out the Hamilton soundtrack without chasing your friends and family away?

A dog will be so happy to hear your voice, they will be a captive and appreciative audience.

  • Social directors

The number of dog-friendly patios around Northeast Ohio and beyond keeps increasing; and no one can resist a friendly pup to pet! Your pup will help strike up conversations and happily accompany you to the brewery patio, the dog beach, the ice cream shop or brunch!

Just remember to always keep your dog on a leash in public, and confirm with a dog’s person before you approach their dog.

Not enough time to own? Volunteer!

But what if you don’t have the right home environment or schedule for a dog?

That was my predicament. I LOVE dogs, but am unable to have one in my loft and travel a bit too much for it to be fair at this time in my life. Then I found City Dogs, a great place to donate my time to help the dogs AND get my much-needed dog fix at the same time.

Several hundred volunteers along with the CACC staff work to provide the pups at City Dogs with care, love and enrichment opportunities while they wait for their furever families. Some of their fun tasks include:

  • Dog walking
  • Enrichment team activities such as filling Kongs with peanut butter to give the pups a diversion and treat in their kennel
  • Events like the Food Truck Frenzy that get these wonderful pups out on the town to raise awareness and help connect dogs to potential adopters
    • This summer, find us at The Cleveland Flea, Tremont Walkabout, Playhouse Square, Hyland food Truck Frenzy days and many other locations around Northeast Ohio
    • In 2017, City Dogs participated in over 200 events, but 2018 is on track to surpass that by a mile!
  • Playgroups: Trained volunteers and staff facilitate dog playgroups where the pups get to romp with their canine buddies
  • City Dog Running groups: Several weekly group runs where the dogs get out on the streets of Cleveland to log some miles
  • City Dog Hiking group: A monthly outing where we take 30ish adoptable rescue dogs hiking in the CVNP and Cleveland Metroparks

Dogs: The ultimate work-life balancers

Hyland is a great promoter of work-life balance, and a dog will help make sure you make that a priority in your life – so adopt or volunteer today!

If you are interested in learning more about City Dogs, you can find us on Facebook and Twitter. If you don’t live in the Cleveland area, there is a shelter near you that could use your support.

I hope to see you Thursday between 11:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m. at 28500 Clemens Road!

Jennifer Mangino joined Hyland in 2011 as a member of the sales team. She focuses on sales enablement and education for our sales team and partners, with a mission of providing expertise in guiding customers through the buying process. Jennifer earned a Master of Business Administration from Malone University. She resides in Cleveland’s Ohio City and is passionate about exploring the amazing parks of Northeast Ohio and embracing all that the #HylandLife has to offer.
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Jennifer Mangino

Jennifer Mangino joined Hyland in 2011 as a member of the sales team. She focuses on sales enablement and education for our sales team and partners, with a mission of... read more about: Jennifer Mangino