HIMSS18 wrap-up: Digital transformation and organizational redesign

Much of the discussion last week at HIMSS18 was about the role of technology in helping healthcare organizations reduce expenses while improving care delivery. There was also a great deal of attention given to how value-based payment models have completely changed the industry.

This change has a number of organizations scrambling because, well, healthcare hasn’t always been very customer-service oriented. In its defense, it never had to be. It also didn’t have to be very transparent about cost and value.

All of that has changed. As a result, another topic that got quite a bit of attention at HIMSS18 was: How can healthcare adopt the same type of service-forward approaches found in other industries?

What are we doing to understand our consumers? We have access to a lot of data from which to gather insight and many areas to provide enhanced patient experiences, but do we have the tools we need to make the kinds of changes that the market now demands?

The time to digitize and optimize is now

On one hand, Millennials are driving healthcare organizations to adopt new technology to earn not only their initial business, but also their loyalty as healthcare consumers. On the other, the aging population will place unprecedented demand on health systems. Those sandwiched in between – specifically, CIOs – are feeling the squeeze.

This has placed IT in both the spotlight and the hot seat. However, it’s also moved IT from the back room to the board room and taken what had been seen as a cost-containment effort to one that’s leading the way to new capabilities and interoperability that allows organizations to focus on organizational transformation.

Digital transformation is as much about technology as it is about organizational redesign and reframing the way organizations work. And, after years of not doing so, for healthcare organizations to look at patients as healthcare consumers whose business must be earned is a completely different way of doing business.

One might even call it transformative.

Julie Fogel

Julie Fogel

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