Giving back to the communities that are always there for us

At the end of every year, around the holidays, Hyland hosts a great tradition. Employees get to showcase non-profit organizations near and dear to their hearts. After a companywide vote, the top three organizations earn a share of 100 percent of the proceeds from ticket sales at the annual Hyland Holiday Party.

In 2017, The Littlest Heroes – an organization that provides emergency financial support to families with children suffering with pediatric cancer – was a recipient of this honor. I’m proud to announce that this resulted in a contribution of over $17,000 from Hyland.

The Littlest Heroes serves more than 400 families in Northeast Ohio each year. But the only way the organization can do so is through the generosity of individuals donating money, restaurateurs donating meals, and companies donating gifts. The donations reach directly to the hands, dinner tables, Christmas trees, and hearts and minds of people undergoing unspeakable hardship.

Why it means so much to me

I joined The Littlest Heroes last year in celebration of my 20th re-birthday – the anniversary of my overcoming childhood cancer – as a means of giving back. I became friends with Branden Schossler of the organization’s Customer Experience Team, who owns a business called Spectacular Party Entertainment, where he and his team perform as superheroes.

Branden joined The Littlest Heroes and me for three events, in costume, to inspire the summoning of superpowers among kids with cancer.

Hyland’s contribution, and Branden’s, perfectly capture the sense of community woven into the fabric of Hyland’s corporate culture – whereby the difference we make is of equal importance and quality to the software solutions we make.

Why it means so much to Hyland

On Thursday, May 3, 2018, at 6:00 p.m. at the Hofbrauhaus in Cleveland, at its annual gala fundraiser, The Littlest Heroes and I will be honoring Hyland as our Community Partner of the Year in celebration of its tremendous gift.

Heroes come when they are needed. When hope appears to be gone, options appear to be exhausted, and the good fight appears to be lost. They show up and they save the day.

That’s what The Littlest Heroes does for the families we serve. And what Hyland does for the fortunate community organizations that benefit from its incredible generosity.

I’m very excited about this event. I hope to see you there!

Shane Winnyk

Shane Winnyk

Shane E. Winnyk has been with Hyland for seven years and serves as the Manager of Licensing and Pricing. He also works at Carhartt in Westlake, Ohio, and is a... read more about: Shane Winnyk