2 truths and 1 lie: Content services

content services

Welcome to the second edition of 2 truths and 1 lie!

For review: Our goal is to make this series a fun way to learn how your organization can improve the way it manages – and more importantly, the way it uses – information. From how to find the best solutions to great advice from the pros, we’re going to challenge you to focus your IT vision on every single word.

Know the answer?

Be the first person to leave the correct answer in the comments below – with an explanation of why the lie is a lie – and we will reveal you as the winner in the next edition.

Which brings us to the winner for our inaugural post: Michael Sanders!

Michael knows that case management isn’t a way to replace knowledge workers in unpredictable, unstructured, and decision-driven work. Of course not! It helps them make decisions that are more informed by empowering them with easier access to information.

Well done, Michael. Walk tall in the IT community, my friend.

Can you handle the truth?

Time to ferry out the truth. Oh man, do I sound like a detective?

Regardless, since this is Content Services Week, it’s time to talk about … content services. What statement is a lie, and why?

A content services approach:

  • Utilizes a collection of services or microservices capable of connecting to multiple repositories to share real-time data and deliver that information to users – especially via cloud technologies
  • Uses a single system to standardize the user experience and work styles
  • Is less about focusing on the management of content and more about empowering people with a complete view of exactly the right information at the right time, where and when they need it

We’ll reveal the lie, why it’s not true, and the winner in the next edition of the series.

Talk to you next time. Good luck!

Scoop Skupien

Scoop Skupien

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