3 great reasons to attend OnBase TechQuest Online 2020

One of the things I love about learning from home is the ability to take something and immediately put it into action. That is how I managed, after several attempts, to get my new dryer installed and fix my car’s rear headlight.

That practical, immediate application of learning is a key element, as is the ability to access it conveniently. But, for more complex subjects, the ability to practice, collaborate, and refine those skills before applying is essential.

That’s why we are thrilled to offer TechQuest online in May.

TechQuest provides OnBase professionals with an in-depth experience of the latest features and functionality currently available. With sessions led by the most experienced Hyland professionals in the world, you’ll not only learn the newest functionality, approaches, and best practices, but also be able to see how you and your organization can immediately put them to use.

We’ve retooled our usual TechQuest experience and taken it online, where you’ll learn about powerful enhancements, discuss your current initiatives, and learn best practices from the most experienced content services professionals in the world.

3 great reasons to attend

If not having to leave the comfort of your own desk – or home – to choose from more than 70 sessions isn’t enough, here are three more powerful reasons why you should attend TechQuest:

1. Renew your certifications

Stay current by renewing your OnBase certifications. You can even customize your schedule for a personalized recertification experience.

2. Network online

In our virtual classroom, TechQuest will bring together the Hyland community of professionals – including developers, technical support, enterprise administrators, and more. Even from a remote workstation, you can network with other customers and partners in your vertical or someone who has implemented a solution you’re considering who can share their experiences.

3. Learn ways to enhance your solution

TechQuest is an amazing opportunity to learn, no matter your position or level of expertise. Whether you’re listening to an instructor or chatting with a fellow attendee, there are many chances to pick up new tricks. You might even meet talk to someone with a unique perspective that opens your eyes to more possibilities.

It all starts next week

Join our virtual classroom May 4 – 8 to take advantage of this easy way to take the next step in your professional development.

Register today!

Matt Discenzo

Matt Discenzo

Matt Discenzo, Director of Global Education Services, has been with Hyland Software for many years and leads the team of exceptional professionals who develop and deliver Hyland training throughout the... read more about: Matt Discenzo

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