On International Women’s Day, Hyland looks at what it takes to #BreaktheBias

What does it mean to #BreakTheBias?

This year’s International Women’s Day theme confronts the biases we all have around gender and equality — especially in the workplace.

As a global technology company, we at Hyland recognize the gender disparity that exists in tech and sciences, and we take the work to advance change seriously. That’s why we’re acknowledging Women’s History Month and celebrating International Women’s Day (March 8) by encouraging open discussions about discrimination and bias, as well as how to forge equity and celebrate diversity.

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#BreaktheBias at Hyland

Hyland’s employee resource group HylandWIN (Hyland Women in Networking) is presenting four discussions in a podcast series throughout the month of March exclusively for Hylanders. We’re showing how regions throughout the world can #BreakTheBias through conversation, education and a commitment to solidarity.

There’s a lot to learn from each HylandWIN chapter, including:

  • India’s Returnship program, which provides flexibility, resources and training to women who have been out of the workplace. Their new maternity facility supports women who work from the Kolkata office.
  • Hyland’s partnership with Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft (HTW) Berlin, a German university, and how Hyland’s EMEA workforce mentors women to inspire the next generation in IT.
  • How men in the United States can act as allies in the workplace.
  • How to address the gender pay gap in APAC.
  • What gender equality means and how to engage more male colleagues in the conversation

#BreakTheBias at Hyland

A workplace for all

We know that being proactive and supportive of women in the workplace generates positive ripple effects for all, but there’s a long way to go before we reach equality. And, not all battles are fought on equal ground.

LeanIn’s Women in the Workplace 2021 report details that women of color, for example, face more challenges than their white co-workers and get less support in corporate America.

  • Latinas experience less work-life flexibility in their jobs
  • Black women are 3x more likely that white women to hear people express surprise at their language skills or other abilities; Latinas and Asian women are twice as likely
  • Black women are promoted at a lower rate than white women at the first step up to manager
  • 32% of Black women who’ve spoken out against bias and discrimination at work report experiencing retaliation, compared to just 6% of white men
  • Women with disabilities are much more likely than their peers to have their competence challenged or be undermined at work

As Hyland takes steps to create a workplace that is truly equitable for all, we’re expanding and growing our diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives by investing in a third-party diversity consulting firm. This partnership helps us evaluate our HR policies and gain insight into potential areas of expansion.

Through an employee survey that measured feelings of inclusion, we identified a baseline and discovered more ways to provide an equitable, safe and inclusive workplace, whether in an office environment or remote.

Based on the outcome of the inclusion survey and HR audit, Hyland is implementing a long-term DEI strategic plan to ensure deliberate and measurable change. We recognize we have more work to do, and we will continue to build momentum to develop more robust recruitment strategies and career paths for ALL Hylanders.

Join the conversation

Every organization has stories of women who bring valuable skills, education and experience to the table.

We hope you’ll join us in celebrating International Women’s Day. We’ll be striking our #BreaktheBias pose on social media and sharing stories of encouraging female coworkers.

There’s still so much work to be done, but we’re ready to do what it takes to ensure a future built on inclusion.

As part of the Employee Experience team in the HR department, Lisa Jackman manages a team that focuses on Hyland’s corporate social responsibility and employee communication efforts.

Lisa and her team are building communities where every one of us is able to reach our full potential and ignite a sense of purpose in our lives. This important work comes to life through programs that: Build and inspire careers in technology; engage and support our employees in meaningful ways; and foster inclusion, equity, and belonging for all.

Lisa started her Hyland career in 2008 in the Marketing department as part of the global healthcare business. Prior to that, she worked in the nonprofit sector at the Cleveland Leadership Center. A Miami University grad, she lives in the Cleveland area with her husband and two children.
Lisa Jackman

Lisa Jackman

As part of the Employee Experience team in the HR department, Lisa Jackman manages a team that focuses on Hyland’s corporate social responsibility and employee communication efforts.

Lisa and her team... read more about: Lisa Jackman