Simple ways to make your IT security more effective

There are threats everywhere — from our business data to the security of our personal information. Frankly, it’s daunting.

So, instead of being defenseless, I decided to arm myself against potential attacks and make the most of Hyland’s Security Week. During this time, all eyes turn to security as the entire company brushes up on the basics — and not-so-basics — of keeping our information safe.

I had three major takeaways.

Top 3 must-do cybersecurity actions

1. Enable multifactor authentication

Multifactor authentication, which requires a second form (or more) of identification before giving a user access — has tremendous value for individuals and organizations looking to enhance security. It’s typically facilitated with:

  • Knowledge: Something only the user should know, such as username and password, and
  • Possession: Something only the user should possess, such as their mobile phone

The second identity variable makes security models stronger by making it more difficult for hackers to impersonate the user. (Even if a hacker guesses your username or password, they aren’t likely to also have access to your phone.)

Although requiring extra steps, multifactor authentication is one of the most widely adopted security practices for technology companies across the spectrum — think leading social media sites, Google, Apple and more.

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2. Protect information at every data state, in multiple ways

I’m a big fan of the rule of three, so the idea that organizations need to secure data “in transit, in use and at rest” really resonated.

When it comes to improving information security, “in transit” is not enough. Critical business data needs to be secured end-to-end, in all three states:

  • During transfer
  • At the time of user access
  • While in the system

Additionally, various layers of defense are critical to data security. This can include:

  • Least privilege access
  • Encryption
  • Single sign on (SSO)
  • Actual security guards at datacenters
  • Automated vulnerability and penetration testing
  • Appropriate updates
  • So much more!

Hyland’s application and cloud data security best practices subscribe to the universally lauded defense-in-depth strategy, which requires multiple layers of diverse security tactics.

For example, you probably lock the doors and windows to your home; you might even have a home security system. But that doesn’t mean you’d leave your valuables or important papers out on the kitchen table. No way! You’d take extra precautions by locking them safely way.

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3. Be “all in” on your commitment to security

Oftentimes, the concept of cybersecurity is only viewed through the lens of IT — the professionals and the code behind the scenes.

However, security experts agree that enterprise security lives and dies with everyone at an organization. Too often, the software or hardware can be fully hardened against threats, but incursions occur when a random employee falls for a phishing email or provides insider-information without varying the source or request.

Hyland’s Security Week doesn’t happen because we’re a technology company; rather, it happens because cybersecurity awareness is critical to any organization. We just happen to have a foot in both worlds. Our security team made time to educate us in fun, focused and informative ways, with several members speaking on topics such as:

  • Cryptography
  • Hacking
  • Ransomware
  • Phishing emails

I also discovered that those little locks I’ve been putting on my luggage are absolutely worthless. We had a chance to pick them ourselves and they popped right open!

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Stay cybersecurity-vigilant

By the end of Hyland’s Security Week, my fears were gone. I learned some new tricks to keep my personal information safe and was impressed when the Hyland security team reminded me that they work closely with R&D to ensure we keep every Hyland product as secure as possible for users today and into the future.

It’s a good thing our security team is with us — they’re clever, resourceful and thorough. After all they are hackers — just the good kind.

Learn more about how Hyland takes data security seriously.

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Colleen Alber is a dynamic, energetic software product evangelist who inspires others with purpose and passion for technology, yoga and life.
Colleen Alber

Colleen Alber

Colleen Alber is a dynamic, energetic software product evangelist who inspires others with purpose and passion for technology, yoga and life.

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