Guy Kawasaki’s top 10 ways to drive technology changes in your organization

If you want to implement change within your organization, it starts with mastering the art of enchantment.

Why enchantment? IMG_0380

According to Guy Kawasaki, former chief software evangelist for Apple, mastering the art of enchantment opens the door for your peers to embrace change.

During his keynote address at AIIM14, Kawasaki presented attendees with the top 10 ways they could drive change, much like Apple has done in the technology space.

1. Achieve likeability – In order to for anyone to value your ideas, you must be a likeable person. Learn to accept others for who they are and ask yourself how you can make a difference in their lives.

2. Achieve trustworthiness – “The onus is upon you to trust others before they can trust you,” Kawasaki explained.

Start by finding something you both agree on, maybe a love for hockey. Or shoes. Whatever it is, finding something small that you both enjoy opens the doors for building a trustworthy relationship.

3. Perfect your product – It’s crucial you highlight the totality of the service. Don’t emphasize just the software you want to implement, explain the ecosystem around the software.

4. Introduce your product – Say something new and different. Tell a story about your product that others haven’t already told and make sure you do so through several outlets like blogs and social media.

5. Overcome resistance to your enchantment – Provide social proof to show people the impact of this technology. The more you do so, the more likely the naysayers will start to view your offering in a positive light.

6. Endure – Build an ecosystem for your product offering.

“It’s not just the software,” Kawasaki said. “It’s the consultants, developers, resellers, user groups, websites and blogs, online special interest groups and conferences [that drive enchantment].”

7. Present your product – No one likes a long, boring presentation. You need a baseline of presentation skills to effectively generate your peers’ interest.

8. Use technology – The life of a tweet is about four hours, according to Kawasaki. In order to enchant, you must use social media all the time to engage others with your offering.

9. Drop everything else – If you want your boss to embrace change, you need to make him or her a priority. When asked to do something, drop everything else to accomplish it. Doing so builds a great relationship, increasing the likelihood of your boss valuing your ideas.

10. Empower your team – It’s not only your boss you need to enchant, but those who work for you as well. By providing them with the opportunity to master their skills, work autonomously and with purpose, they, too, are more likely to value your ideas for change.

So, how are you going to drive change within your organization? Try mastering the art of enchantment.

As Kawasaki explained, “The key to implementing technology is not the bits and bytes, it’s about changing people – their hearts, minds and actions.”

Katie Alberti

Katie Alberti

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