P&C insurer’s Guidewire software integration cuts week off new business processing


When my former company, Hastings Mutual, first implemented document imaging, the system acted only as an archive after the company had already processed documents. The legacy system couldn’t handle the growing number of documents and was so labor-intensive, it often took five to seven days to get documents into the system.

When the vendor stopped supporting the legacy system, Hastings knew it was past time to make a change. Following a search for a solution that didn’t have the limitations of the legacy system, Hastings chose our enterprise content management (ECM) solution suite.

Then, using a simple import process, Hastings converted more than 20 million documents from its legacy system, moving its proprietary images to the new solution.

And in the process, made them instantly available from within familiar applications.

Easily capturing, storing and accessing electronic information

Now, creating an electronic application file begins as soon as a new business application reaches Hasting’s mailroom. In addition, employees in the Underwriting Support Unit collect all the supporting documents required. These documents come in from many different sources outside of the mailroom, including e-mail, fax or even third-party applications.

With all supporting documentation stored electronically in a secure, central location from the beginning of the process, the Support Services Unit processes applications the same day they receive them. Workflow management then automatically routes them to both Accounting and Underwriting for parallel processing.

Next, workflow automatically routes the applications to Policy Processing or marks them as pending while they gather additional information to support risk analysis. If an application is pending too long, the underwriter is automatically sent a reminder, keeping the process moving and making sure every policy is processed quickly.

At the same time, Accounting starts processing the application for payment.

Integrating important systems to increase communication

Integrating its ECM solution with Guidewire software and Duck Creek software, Hastings further improves its claims processing by giving these important systems the ability to communicate and share information. The integrations allow staff to continue to work in familiar applications while able to instantly find related information minimized training and maximized satisfaction.

Following are four more positive results Hastings has gained:

  1. Trims seven days off new business cycle times

With documents now electronic from the beginning of the application process, Hastings automates processes and makes information available quickly. Equipped with all the information necessary to make better-informed decisions, Hastings has freed staff to focus on high-value tasks instead of searching for data.

  1. Processes more premiums with the same amount of staff

Going paperless has helped Hastings Mutual maintain its staffing level, despite an increase in premium volume.

  1. Increases transparency into productivity

With clear views into who is working on what, workflows make it easier for managers to monitor productivity. Real-time insight into processes allows management to analyze data and eliminate bottlenecks.

  1. Provides parallel processing

Hastings has further increased processing speed by simultaneously sending applications through Underwriting and Accounting.

By immediately capturing documentation and integrating key systems, Hastings has decreased claims processing time by a week and given itself a huge competitive advantage.

Here’s a question you might want to think about. What would you do with an extra week?



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