Managing New Content in New Ways: ACORD LOMA Goes Mobile

Managing New Content in New Ways-ACORD LOMA Goes MobileThe people that come to ACORD LOMA already have one thing figured out: Enterprise IT is instrumental to managing the lifeblood of their insurance organizations – information. But, just when they thought they had these enterprise IT systems all figured out, guess what changed? Information.

I’m talking about the explosion of content as consumers can be their own publishers, from taking photos to posting reviews and comments on the businesses they interact with. Today’s keynote, Nick Bilton, put it best – “millions of people now have a mini printing press in their pockets.” And in this mix of people, insureds are no exception. And if these insureds want to be able to create their own content and manage it however they want to in their consumer lives, they’re going to expect the same from the insurance organizations.

Perfect example. Say I’m at a stoplight, and a truck comes up behind me and uses my Altima as a stopping block. The trucker shockingly claims it was my fault, so to make sure I can prove him wrong, I snap a few photos on my smart phone, right after I called my insurance company to come out to the scene.

As the insured, I expect my insurance company to be ready to manage that kind of content. Was it created in the four-walled agency office? Nope. But it’s content that’s a vital part to making sure that my claim is handled smoothly and accurately.

This is the point I was making at the end of my last post, “Where’s the relationship between customer service and enterprise IT at ACORD LOMA?” Insurance has always been an industry that thrives on operations that go beyond the brick and mortar buildings. But now, they’re not only able to mobile-enabled IT to streamline those non-traditional functions.

Clearly, the age of smart phones and mobile devices (yes, even laptops) has made this possible. But it’s only when enterprise IT is made ready for these devices that it becomes reality.

Let’s go back to my example. When the field adjuster gets to the scene, he can now have a tablet with all the necessary documents and forms to get the job done. Once the forms are filled out, and he syncs back up with the network, the process of the claim is automatically kicked off.

This isn’t the future – the technology is here and insurance organizations are at least interested in how they can use it. Listening to show-goers at ACORD LOMA, mobility has changed the questions from “What do you do?” to “Can I get this on my iPad?”

It’s clearly a game changer for how insurance organizations can extend their use of enterprise IT, even with more traditionally on-premises solutions like enterprise content management. We haven’t seen this kind of change for enterprise IT in many, many years.

With any big change comes big impact, positive and negative. What do you think the most important impact will be?


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