Hyland’s Jeff Hiegert tells IASA digital transformation is an ongoing journey

Attendees at IASA 2019 already knew insurance is an industry that is not “business as usual anymore,” as Rod Travers, IASA’s executive director, wrote in an industry op-ed leading up to the conference. Customer experience and digital transformation are top-of-mind for all.

At the conference, A.M. Best TV – the credit rating agency’s video network – stopped Jeff Hiegert, a senior customer adviser at Hyland, to ask him his views on digital transformation.

The highlights

Here’s what unfolded:

A.M. Best TV (AMB): This conference’s theme is educate, elevate and innovate. How does that apply to the tech trends you’re seeing?

Jeff Heigert (JH): From an education standpoint, carriers need to become more familiar with the advancements in technology and the capabilities that are out there. They need to really learn how they can do better with that technology.

In terms of elevation, it’s really about elevating their ability to service their customers. Consumers are buying differently these days. They’re looking for more digital interaction.

From an innovation standpoint, it’s breaking the mold and no longer doing things the old-fashioned way. Looking at different ways to do business, execute processes and serve customers.

AMB: Where is the industry in this digital transformation process?

JH: It’s interesting that you say process. Historically, people would look at digital transformation as a process or project. I think our customers are realizing that it’s really a journey.

Going digital isn’t the end result. Going digital is how they achieve goals. And those goals will stretch from decade to decade. It’s a continuous evolution and transformation.

It’s an ongoing journey, and carriers are in different places on that journey. Some of them are in a digital optimization phase, in which they are taking existing processes and trying to make them more efficient. Some are more transformational, where they’re taking it down to the foundation and rebuilding it with technology.

AMB: Is it just a matter of time until enterprise-wide transformation occurs?

Or is there a need for a catalyst to spur that leap?

JH: Historically, transformation has been slow and methodical in this industry. We’re a risk averse industry.

But advances in technology, the pace of change in technology and how consumers are changing their behaviors is sort of that catalyst for carriers to start doing things on a much faster pace and looking for better and different ways to service the customer through technology.

Begin with the end in mind

From small steps to large leaps – from cloud technology to mobile access to analytics – every decision you make helps propel you further toward your digital destination.

Learn more about the journey from digital information to digital transformation.

Cara McFarlane

Cara McFarlane

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