How implementing two software solutions simultaneously can be a great idea

Every insurer faces a number of challenges when taking on any enterprise-wide software implementation. Everything from planning and timing (work can be rushed and feel loosely planned) to testing (how often can you get “real” testers in “real” conditions?).

So the idea of implementing two software solutions in parallel can seem doubly daunting. Tales of woe and misery certainly dot the landscape. Nike once lost $400 million trying to make it happen, according to a report.

In some instances, however, it can be a wise plan, especially when it comes to implementing GuidewireTM alongside content services.

Okay, sure, this post may feel a little less part of the conversation and more of a product highlight, but with good reason. Every day, the importance of customer experience grows more and more vital to the success of insurance organizations.

Not just customer service, but customer experience; the way your insureds feel about the relationship they have with you.

Aim for a complete view of your policyholder

To successfully build and maintain that relationship, insurers need a complete view of policyholders. And they can do that by tying together key systems and allowing information to work together.

So how do you do that?

The right content services platform complements the Guidewire InsuranceSuiteTM, providing employees with a complete view of the information they need, when and where they need it. It does this by centralizing all types of critical content and connects it to the data in Guidewire ClaimCenter®, PolicyCenter® and BillingCenter®.

The two solutions work stronger together. And with the right platform, that strength is tightened even further.

Implementation – side by side

While the new generation of modular core solutions is infinitely more configurable than its monolithic predecessors, deployment can still be an inherently challenging and far-reaching undertaking. One reason is that as advanced and powerful as they are, today’s core systems still require the integration of 20 to 30 additional third-party solutions to make them complete and able to help the insurer achieve true digital transformation.

Insurance-focused system integrators agree, routinely citing the work associated with integrating content services applications as the most time, resource and risk-intensive aspect of a core-system implementation project.

There is a better way. And this is, admittedly, where we talk about ourselves for a moment.

It is possible to see a 50 percent or more reduction in implementation time for content services when implemented in parallel with Guidewire using the OnBase Solution Accelerators.

More than software alone, the accelerators represent a package of Guidewire-tested and approved software capabilities, Hyland professional services and ongoing customer support. OnBase fits within Guidewire sprint plans and takes six weeks or less to align to the Guidewire Stability phase.

There you go. Proof implementing two software solutions simultaneously can be a great idea.

Curious about the other benefits of implementing OnBase and Guidewire together? Check out our infographic, “How Fast Will You See an ROI When You Invest in Guidewire and OnBase Together?”

Cara McFarlane

Cara McFarlane

Cara McFarlane is Hyland’s sales enablement solution marketing manager. Her mission is to effectively position Hyland as the leading content services platform within financial services, insurance, government, higher education, and... read more about: Cara McFarlane