How CIOs are leveraging information management to stay connected and remain relevant


Flying transatlantic gives you plenty of time for reflection and deep thought. As I head to Poland to meet with industry leaders from the top insurers in the country, I am excited to collaborate on meaningful issues in the insurance sector and hear what CIOs are doing to address the wide variety of issues in the marketplace like evolving regulations, automation challenges and interest rate risks.

I also feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to share with them some of the results they can achieve by leveraging information management solutions.

But, as the plane full of people settles down for the night, a thought goes through my mind, will I be effective? It’s been 12 years since I left my position at an insurance company. That’s a long time to be out of “the know” – even though I’ve travelled to more than 90+ countries, met with hundreds of companies and flown enough miles to go to the moon and back at least four times!

But I still wonder, will I be confident enough to provide value to these CIOs?

The key to success: Listening to your customers
Then I remembered that over the last four years, I have spent time twice annually with 10+ CIOs from all segments of the insurance industry that sit on an Insurance Customer Advisory Council. So the answer is a resounding yes!

This group of industry experts helps guide Hyland in the strategic direction of future development and positioning of our products and services within the insurance industry. The Advisory Council meets twice a year to collaborate on and discuss industry trends. We also explore the practical applications of technology, helping us to remain true to one of our core values: Delivering relevant software solutions to the market.

Whether it’s our tight integrations with Guidewire and Duck Creek Technologies or the ability to provide 360-degree views of customer information, many of our ideas come from these important discussions. What we’ve discovered is the utmost importance of empowering our customers to find the information they need while staying in the systems they live and breathe in. To deliver excellent customer service, insurance staffs need to quickly and easily find the information they need.

And that information needs to be connected in real time to the information systems their organizations rely on.

So, I’m very excited for my next flight, because it will take me to Las Vegas. Not only will it be a flight that is less than 10+ hours, but I also will get to catch up with our Advisory Council at our annual user conference, #CommunityLIVE.

Be sure to watch for my posts next week to see these main themes discussed in Vegas!


Ruth Fisk

Ruth Fisk has more than 25 years of experience working within the insurance industry and is a foremost expert on the practical application of EDMS technology. In her role as... read more about: Ruth Fisk

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