#GuidewireConnections: The big bad wolf who huffed and puffed


The first printed version of “The Three Little Pigs” dates back to the 1840s, but as Wikipedia notes, the story itself is, more than likely, much older. There’s a reason why this story is still popular – both for children and adults.

The morals to this famous “childhood” fable have proven themselves repeatedly across multiple aspects of life, and can even be applied to drive business success. Specifically, these two stand out to me:

1. Hard work pays off.

The first two pigs chose materials that were cheaper, faster, and quicker to deploy, so they could spend more time leisurely pursuing fun and relaxation.

But the third pig, who invested time, money, energy – and most importantly, a strategy – into his home, also built it with hard work and a solid foundation. That’s why it kept him safe and secure. For today, tomorrow, and every time the big bad wolf came around.

2. Setting priorities is important.

Had the two pigs who chose to prioritize leisure time and smaller investment over constructing a secure house acted more like the third pig, they would not have had such close calls.

The lesson they learned was to take the time and expense required to do things the proper way, with the proper tools. Shortcuts got them through for a while, but in the long-run, it almost cost them dearly. The third pig had been smart, knowing it was critical how he developed his house regardless of the effort, time, or costs.

I’ll huff…

In today’s volatile insurance market – where the transformation of core systems and supporting applications is prevalent and competitors lie in the outskirts waiting to eat up the weaker – insurers must work to make the best decisions about the technology products they select and how they go about deploying them. Just like the little pig whose house didn’t collapse, you need to be able to withstand the ever-changing winds.

If insurers are to be prepared for growth and change, when building platforms for their future, they must choose the right materials and take time to develop their systems properly.

And I’ll puff…

Core system modernization comes with some big bad wolf challenges, especially when managing documents and digital content along and inside Guidewire software. But using the right tools to build their transformation houses will enable more adaptable, flexible, and agile insurers to connect information with their customers, employees and systems.

…But no one can blow this house in

Luckily, even if the winds are howling, you can quickly build a house of strong bricks with the OnBase Accelerators for Guidewire.

While  at Connections, make sure to join the session “The Story of The Three Not-So-Little Insurers That Huffed, Puffed & Blew Away the Typical Challenges of Document Management with OnBase,” Wednesday, October 26, 11:15 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

During the session, you’ll hear from insurers at different stages in their transformation journeys with OnBase and Guidewire. The customers – Hastings Mutual Insurance Company and Frankenmuth Mutual Insurance Company – will discuss their document capture and enterprise content management experiences from evaluation, implementation, and ongoing solution evolution.

We look forward to seeing you at Connections. Come visit us in booth P2!

Ruth Fisk

Ruth Fisk has more than 25 years of experience working within the insurance industry and is a foremost expert on the practical application of EDMS technology. In her role as... read more about: Ruth Fisk