Duck Creek and Hyland: Did we just become best friends?

The thing about friendship is that it’s more than fun and warm feelings – it’s security, dependability, an unspoken understanding that together, you’re stronger and better equipped to take on the world.

As a kid, I had a dream of being a professional athlete, and so did my best friend. Every morning, every day, it was baseball. Endless hours of trying to strike each other out, imagining we were batting with two outs, down one in the last inning of the World Series or coaxing other players into just one more inning before dark.

Together, that commitment to a sport at which we both wanted to be perfect at … didn’t lead to the pros. But it did bring us a lot of success on the field, and it taught me, early on, about the power of chasing a mutual goal alongside a committed friend.

Years later, when I joined the Hyland insurance team, I immediately saw a similar situation in our collaboration with Duck Creek: a commitment to greatness.

Duck Creek is a leading provider of insurance system solutions, and has a vision that states: “Ever-faster, smarter and more invisible technologies that power human creativity and ingenuity far into the future.”

At Hyland, we also have a vision: to transform the customer experience.

The commonality? A goal to make humans happier.

Making humans happier is an interesting goal for two technology partners, but after all, technology is simply a tool for its users to improve their lives – whether it’s customers, agents, IT personnel or customer service representatives.

Imagine a carrier delivering better service, faster decisions and laser-focused support. Sounds like an enterprise with ever-faster, smarter and more invisible technology that transforms the customer experience – and throws a little happiness in there for good measure.

Together, Duck Creek and Hyland have built a partnership that sets users up for unavoidable success. Here’s how.

New solutions for ongoing excellence

In June 2020, Hyland launched a new OnBase Accelerator for Duck Creek Policy and Billing, which joined the already existing OnBase Accelerator for Duck Creek Claims.

Through this new accelerator, Hyland and Duck Creek deliver unobstructed visibility to all the information Duck Creek users need. The solution empowers users with cloud-based content service capabilities, such as capture, content management and customer communications.

The solution drives:

  • Streamlined, profitable underwriting
  • Simplified, accelerated business processes
  • Enhanced customer experiences
  • Better decisions

The Anywhere Managed Integration partner promise

Duck Creek’s Anywhere Managed Integration (AMI) program bestows a gold standard-like status for integration partners that meet the organization’s high expectations for seamless collaboration. Both of Hyland’s accelerators meet the rigor of this program, which means Duck Creek users who integrate OnBase into their day-to-day processes are guaranteed a preconfigured digital solution.

That means their solution:

  • Reduces implementation timeframes (by more than 50 percent for OnBase)
  • Ensures business continuity with full support throughout upgrades and when OnBase is modified
  • Is tested, validated and approved by Duck Creek
  • Is fully managed and maintained

Flexible configuration capabilities to fit any situation

OnBase’s Duck Creek Accelerators provide preconfigured solutions that bring simplification to common procedures identified in real-world implementations. You can launch them as-is or easily customize them with low-code flexibility.

Duck Creek users leverage the accelerators to:

  • Optimize content-driven processes that exist outside of core systems, such as multi-channel capture, email integration, optical character recognition (OCR), unstructured content management and personalized customer communications
  • Access information from anywhere
  • Control and speed new product and process development
  • Transform tedious accounting processes to handle customer billing inquiries, requests for duplicate invoices, escheat processing, collection documentation and more

Like any good friendship – whether on a baseball diamond or not – Duck Creek and Hyland are always looking for something fun and enriching to do. In this case, that means a relentless pursuit of a common goal: Happier humans.

Want to learn more about perfecting the human experience in insurance? Watch the on-demand webinar The 22nd-century insurer: a platform for change.

Bryan Boynar

Bryan Boynar

Bryan Boynar is Hyland’s global solution marketing manager for the financial services and insurance industries.

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