Connections 2018: Learn how Pekin Insurance’s partnership with Hyland and Guidewire is accelerating its digital transformation journey

Today’s insurers know that migrating to a digital strategy in our InsurTech-fueled industry is a must. They are well beyond the “when” and “why” of that question. Still, many are stuck on the “where” and “how,” as in “Where do I start?” and “How do I ensure my digital strategy provides long-term growth for the company?”

Pekin Insurance asked those questions before it embarked on its digital transformation journey. Now the company is sharing its answers with you at Connections 2018.

Manny Bedi, IT director, Enterprise Apps & Platform Operations, Pekin Insurance, and David Whitesell, AVP IT & PIVOT program manager, Pekin Insurance, will lead a session titled “Pekin Partners with Hyland to Accelerate Guidewire Implementation with Digital and Cloud.”

During the session, Bedi and Whitesell will explain how partnering with Guidewire and Hyland allowed Pekin to successfully implement its Pekin Insurance Virtual Overall Transformation (PIVOT) strategy in less than 12 months, considered record time by the company.

“We’ll take a deep dive into why it was absolutely critical for us to create a cloud migration strategy to support subsequent release post R1,” says Bedi.

Stronger together

Pekin took a total technology approach to its IT modernization project. Leveraging OnBase for Guidewire accelerators, Pekin integrated the two solutions for personal auto and business owners’ policy lines in less than a year. OnBase and Guidewire proved stronger together, increasing the speed of delivery, streamlining operations and optimizing business processes.

OnBase acts as the content services platform, eliminating data silos, streamlining business operations and reinvigorating the customer experience by making the management and access to information quick and easy. Pekin will leverage multiple data import methods within OnBase to capture inbound data and documents and connect information for employees and independent agents across the home office and hundreds of agency locations in six states.

Beyond implementing OnBase alongside Guidewire, the company will host all of its applications in the cloud. This helps reduce its on-premises carbon footprint and helps simplify and scale Pekin’s infrastructure for development and testing.

Who should attend?

Everybody, of course, though Bedi encourages insurance team members from the program management office to attend, along with those on the technical and business side. CIOs, CDOs and other executives will also discover much from Pekin’s presentation.

“You’ll learn where to start, what you need to get right from the beginning, and what you need to continue to do to achieve success,” says Bedi.

Pekin will present “Pekin Partners with Hyland to Accelerate Guidewire Implementation with Digital and Cloud” at 4:45 p.m. on Monday, Oct. 15, in the Alsace Room at Connections 2018.

To learn more, visit our Connections page.

Cara McFarlane

Cara McFarlane

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