A Strategic Approach to ECM for Insurers

I just got back to Cleveland after spending the last four days meeting with some of the top ECM solution providers in the insurance space and it reminded me that ECM is more than a single application for insurance organizations. Over the past few years there has been a paradigm shift amongst insurers where ECM is being viewed as a strategic element to their growth plans.

chess board with one piece moved forwardFor insurers ECM goes well beyond basic document imaging and is viewed as a tool to bring their process improvement initiatives to life. This was evident last week when Celent announced the Model Insurer Award Winners and included Kansas City Life for using ECM to modernize applications across multiple processes.

One of the main reasons why KCL was selected was because of their strategic approach to ECM and Steve Ropp’s views on using the right tool for the job. Steve’s team brings solutions from Hyland Software, Open Text and Datacap to execute their ECM strategy. Taking it to the next level, Steve even branded their strategy Operation Paper Storm.

If you are trying to figure out how to develop an ECM strategy; Steve has a session on this subject at the ACORD LOMA Insurance Systems Forum in May. Make sure to check it out.

Eric Willis

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