A cut above the rest: Discovery Benefits wins award for enterprise approach to case management

Since 1987, Discovery Benefits Inc. (DBI), one of the fastest-growing employee-benefits administrators in the industry, has simplified employee benefits administration so its employers, participants and consultants can focus on the things that matter most – like being responsive to employees and customers.

DBI does this by offering cutting-edge technology, instant access to information and superior customer service. One component of that cutting-edge technology is its innovative use of case management capabilities.

In fact, DBI was recently selected as a winner of the Workflow Management Coalition’s (WfMC) 2018 Award for Excellence in Business Transformation, based on the case management solutions it has built with OnBase. This prestigious award recognizes innovative uses of adaptive case management to meet strategic business objectives.

A truly enterprise-wide solution

Prior to its deployment of an enterprise-wide case management solution, DBI faced a classic challenge: lack of insight into customer and employee information.

To wrestle control over the issue, DBI created a purpose-built CRM solution using the data management capabilities of the OnBase platform. DBI then configured a variety of case management solutions, leveraging the information within its CRM for a number of case-driven applications across the organization.

Taking an enterprise-wide approach, these applications include the:

  • Online self-service platform, giving customers control of their policy renewal, account information and services requests.
  • Claims department, helping process nearly 15,000 claims a day by providing instant access to the information analysts need to process a claim.
  • Human resources department, which leverages the solution’s integration with UltiPro, pulling information daily to keep employees’ most relevant data up-to-date for review, to run reports and to build cases tied to specific team members.
  • Sales department, using the Salesforce integration, to open a new customer account as soon as a new deal is signed. Once the account is created, managers can assign processes and cases – which are routed to specific team members.
  • Legal department, leveraging the DocuSign integration to streamline the contracting process with new clients.
  • Customer management department, to track customer interactions, client notes and phone calls.

Case management: a competitive advantage

For DBI, the real value of using case management technology has been realized at the enterprise level. That’s where it’s given the company a competitive edge against its competitors.

“Taking a holistic, enterprise approach to information management has helped us break down data silos, eliminate IT sprawl and gain greater control of our clients’ information to offer the best services possible to our customers,” said Dean Johnson, OnBase manager at DBI. “Our OnBase case management solutions have allowed us to increase the volume of output and compete against third-party administrators much larger than us.”

A history of excellence

DBI joins the ranks of several other OnBase customers that have also won this prestigious award from the WfMC.

Previous winners include:

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Katie Alberti has expertise in content services platforms and has been a contributor to the Hyland blog.
Katie Alberti

Katie Alberti

Katie Alberti has expertise in content services platforms and has been a contributor to the Hyland blog.

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