Women in tech: Going for the WIN, together

As we begin to close out 2017, I’m excited to share some of the positive elements we have put in place for female employees at Hyland. Since launching in March 2017, HylandWIN (women in networking), a female employee resource group whose mission is to empower women to excel professionally and personally, has grown to more than 200 members. For now, HylandWIN is only open to Hylanders.

HylandWIN strives to identify the strengths of our female employees to enhance the overall success of our Hyland community. Through the course of the year, HylandWIN has had the opportunity to hear from bold men and women sharing their best practices and advice. As we look ahead to 2018, I wanted to reflect on what we’ve learned this past year.

How to communicate with confidence and power

Apryl Beverly is a two-time Amazon bestselling author and founder of BAAB Writing and Marketing Services. Presenting at our most recent WIN event, Beverly mentioned four words and phrases that undermine your effectiveness:

  • Just
  • Actually
  • I believe
  • I might add

These words can imply that the communicator lacks confidence and is seeking reassurance. Beverly’s presentation reminded us that there is no need to apologize for our request or follow up.  In order to be more effective communicators, she pushed us to be more aware of verbal and nonverbal language when giving presentations and drafting emails to secure the confidence of our audiences.

Essentially, say what you need to say. You’re a professional, there’s no need to apologize or hedge your words.

Hearing from female leaders on overcoming challenges

HylandWIN has also had the honor of hearing from other leaders moving through their professional careers:

  • Dr. Scott Allen, Associate Professor of Management at John Carroll University, addressed sources of personal power while negotiating for any position
  • Robyn Gordon, Director of Operations at NASA Glenn Research Center, facilitated a Vision Board Workshop, empowering us to turn our distant dreams into obtainable goals
  • Kelsey Elizabeth, Founder of Kelsey Elizabeth Cupcakes, spoke about following your passion by doing what you love

These speakers shared their own experiences of failure and resilience and demonstrated that success is never a straight trajectory, but a winding road with many ups and downs.

Save the dates: Nov 8, Nov 29, Dec 5

With more than 200 members and growing, I’m excited for the future as we bring in speakers and host our first female networking events this fall. Here are some dates to put on your calendar:

  • November 8

HylandWIN will be hosting a networking gathering for the group to get to know one another; Hyland’s own Learning Specialist, Tess Venhoff will be facilitating the event

  • November 29

Jayne Juvan, partner at Tucker Ellis will be presenting Overcoming Adversity and Achieving Success

  • December 5

Our first “She in the CLE” Panel, including Robyn Doerschuk, Founder of the Women’s Leadership Conference of Northeast Ohio; Shibani Faehnle, Business Development Strategist for KeyBank and a Boutique Owner; and Amy Martin, Senior Partner for Marketing at JumpStart, Inc.

I am excited for what HylandWIN has become in the past year. We are always looking to expand the group and offer diversity in our speakers and events, so please reach out to the group and get involved!

Also, let us know how we can improve and tell us if you know someone who could contribute as a presenter or event coordinator. We are a group of collaborators with the goal of supporting women to reach their greatest potential. And we will get there, together.

Leslie Marcuse joined Hyland in March of 2015 and is an Account Manager for the direct insurance team and President of the HylandWIN leadership committee. Leslie has a Masters in Psychology with a focus on Diversity Management. Outside of her sales career, she has been involved with a great deal of non-profit work including the United States Peace Corps and two terms as board president for a fundraising organization supporting at-risk youth in Central America.
Leslie Marcuse
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Leslie Marcuse

Leslie Marcuse joined Hyland in March of 2015 and is an Account Manager for the direct insurance team and President of the HylandWIN leadership committee. Leslie has a Masters in... read more about: Leslie Marcuse