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As March rolls on, so does Women’s History Month and our series dedicated to it. Enjoy!


I have been at Hyland for almost five years and feel very blessed to work for a company that balances the stress of an innovative work environment with health-focused programs. I can truly say Hyland cares about its employees.

If it were not for the many fitness options offered here, I would not have time to focus on my health. In fact, not only does Hyland offer nutritional options on food menus at the on-site diners, it also offers a variety of physical activity classes that I frequent.

Working out time to work out

I wear many “hats” on a daily basis, from being a full-time mom with a full-time job to, sometimes, even working a part-time job on the weekends. Having a full schedule does not allow for a lot of free time. I’ve tried many times to develop a game plan to either working out early in the morning or during the latter part of the evenings.

However, getting up early in the morning never worked. I often found myself fighting with my body to rise at 4:30 a.m. I eventually lost that battle, but I gained 30 more minutes of sleep. So it was a small win during a bigger loss, I guess.

Working out in the evenings never went according to plan either. I was often depleted of energy after preparing and eating dinner, reviewing my daughter’s homework, spending quality time with her, getting ready for the next day and putting her to bed.

To any woman looking to enter the tech world, I would offer this advice: Look for a company that will invest in both you and your career.

For example, Hyland provided an answer to my dilemma. There are a variety of physical activity classes during the day that allow me to use my lunch hour to workout. Now, I use the time to play a game of volleyball, go to spin, or take a yoga class. That’s big a win during an even bigger win.

This fulfills my need to participate in some type of physical activity every day which relieves my stress and keeps me physically fit. Having these non-judgmental options supports my goals of being a better employee by staying physically fit (i.e. clarity of mind and greater problem-solving skills), it allows me to develop friendships here at work by participating in activities with my co-workers, and sets a positive example for my daughter.

Hyland is the first company I have worked for that really understands the importance of a healthy work-life balance. Having these options here at work makes me a better mom, better employee, and a better friend. And that’s the biggest win of all.


Akilah Williams

Akilah Williams is a proud native of Cleveland, Ohio. Six years ago, she received an opportunity to work for a small software company in Independence, Ohio. Having this opportunity allowed... read more about: Akilah Williams

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