Hyland favorites: 30 reasons to work at Hyland

30 reasons to work at Hyland.

In 1991, a couple of guys from Northeast Ohio (Packy Hyland and Miguel Zubizarreta) started a software company to help businesses manage their information. A scrappy group — many who are still at the company today — toiled away in those early years with too little sleep and a lot of grit.

It’s a classic start-up story with a happy ending.

Today, Hyland is a global company with more than 4,000 employees. How did we get here?

At Hyland, we tell this story a lot, not because we think it’s particularly unique, but because it’s the foundation for who we are: hard-working helpers. It’s what fuels our relationships with our customers, our communities and each other. We are doers who lead by example and it’s how we’ve always done things.

That’s #HylandLife and that’s what makes us unique.

We’ve worked to create a community of helpers at Hyland. We recruit these helpers — and keep them — by putting employees first.

Check out 30 uniquely wonderful Hyland experiences and perks that have fortified our scrappy little (okay, not so little anymore) community and helped make sure our team members feel the love.

Hyland benefits and more!

Plenty of time to recharge

  1. Sabbatical program: Employees are eligible for a four-week paid sabbatical after eight years with Hyland, then for another sabbatical every five years after that.
  2. Flex days: Got in 40 hours of work in four days? Take up to 12 flex days on a Friday!
  3. Volunteer time off: Take up to 24 hours of paid time off to use volunteering at the organization of your choice.
  4. PTO available on Day 1: Employees have usable PTO from their first day on the job. First-year employees get 120 hours (15 days), plus eight holidays and a floating holiday.
  5. Hyland houses: After seven years at Hyland, employees are eligible to utilize one of Hyland’s eight destination homes for free, for a week!

Hylanders can use their sabbatical however they want, from travel and family time, to home repairs and weddings.

Financial wellness

  1. 401(k) matching: Hyland matches 50% of every dollar, up to 6% of employees’ 401(k) contribution.
  2. Profit sharing: Employees receive quarterly bonuses tied to company performance.
  3. Family-planning benefits: Hyland offers financial assistance for adoption, IVF and more.

Always learning

  1. Paid internship program: Students work on real projects, get real experience and are a part of our fun corporate culture.
  2. Career building opportunities: Virtual education is available 24-7.
  3. CommunityLIVE: Our annual digital transformation event gets bigger and better each year. | > See 2022’s event in pictures

Feels like a community

  1. Child Enrichment Center: Our Montessori daycare and preschool for little Hylanders is available for employees with access to our Cleveland headquarters.
  2. Team engagement activities: Virtual and in-person, employees can come together to celebrate, create and even compete.
  3. Best workplace recognitions: Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For or Great Places to Work Certified since 2014.
  4. Hylanders4Hylanders: A fund established to help out employees impacted by hardship.

Hylanders have a team outing at the pickleball courts.

A team of Hylanders play pickleball for a team outing.

See-the-whole-person wellness

  1. Employee Resource Groups: Hyland Pride Alliance, Hyland Women in Networking, Accessibility, Multicultural, Veterans, Peace of Mind — these employee-led groups are meant to empower and build communities.
  2. Personal growth: Plenty of opportunities to join experts virtually to learn about nutrition, finances, parenting hacks and work-life balance.
  3. Lifestyle benefits: Starting in 2023 employees will receive $1,000 USD in reimbursements annually to use on the wellbeing and lifestyle benefits that are most meaningful to them.
  4. Wellbeing offerings: Employees have access to nutritional and mental health resources, group mindfulness sessions and more.

Communities matter

  1. Tech outreach programs: Employees help students from all backgrounds advance their tech skills.
  2. Nonprofit donation matching: Hyland donates dollar-for-dollar up to $250 a year for employees’ qualified nonprofit donations.
  3. Holiday giving: Employees can nominate nonprofits that other employees can donate to — plus, anyone who donates can enter to win awesome prizes!
  4. The Hy-5: A Hyland-hosted virtual 5k that benefits healthcare.
  5. Week of Service: Annual events for giving back to local communities.

Hylanders in Kentucky volunteered their time with Habitat for Humanity.

Engagement, pride and fun

  1. Gifts: Birthday gifts and new-employee welcome gifts.
  2. Player of the Week: Employees nominate one another to be recognized and rewarded at our company-wide Monday Meeting.
  3. Employee Appreciation Day: Take a day off, on us (nope, it doesn’t take away from your PTO!).
  4. Fitness challenges: Get active and stay fit! Hylanders can compete with each other to win fun prizes.
  5. Our core values: Integrity, family, partnership, solutions and passion.
  6. Monday Meetings: Employees around the world tune in for this weekly update from our CEO.

Hylanders celebrate in the Kolkata office.

Hylanders get together for Festivity Connect at the Kolkata office.

Sound like the kind of work family you’d like to join? Check out career opportunities at Hyland.com/Careers.

A Hyland employee smiles in a profile photo. Text says: Now hiring

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