What’s it like to intern at Hyland’s UK office?

Hyland's Maidenhead, UK, interns worked primarily from their homes, but had the chance to visit the HQ during their summer internships.

This summer, Hyland’s first United Kingdom-based interns worked in the Global Services department of the Maidenhead office (albeit, primarily remotely). Two interns, Louisa Rhodes and Rianna Chauhan, volunteered to share their experience. 

Thank you, Louisa and Rianna, for all your great work this summer!

Read on to learn what it’s like to intern with Hyland, and if you’re interested — apply for a summer 2022 internship!

Reflections on a UK summer internship at Hyland

Louisa Rhodes interned at Hyland Software in summer 2021. LOUISA RHODES, 21

Intern role: Solution consultant intern, Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) Global Services department

Education status: Third-year Mathematics student | University of Nottingham

I am not a naturally “techy” person. My background is in Applied Maths and a little creative writing, and the nearest I ever got to software development previously was a General Certificate of Secondary Education in Computer Science.

New to the tech world
Before I spent this summer working as a solution consultant intern, I did not know there was a place for me at a software company like Hyland. I see now that I have the logical skills to work with these systems, and the particulars of configuration can be taught along the way. It is clear that Hyland wanted new youth and new ideas joining them, and I admire them for that.

And I think it goes even further than that — those at Hyland are also lifelong teachers.

I am warmed by how generous people were in offering help and support; they were always there to offer a troubleshooting tip or even drop their current project to help me with mine! We were collaborators, no matter where in the world we come from, or what background we have. I was always able to ask for help, and no question was silly or too minor. I am very grateful that I was trusted to learn these new skills and to reach out for support when I needed it.

Getting to work
Another key element that made my internship so enjoyable was the work itself. As a solution consultant intern, we were given a project similar to what solution consultants tackle in their day-to-day work. What was great about the experience was that our work was meaningful. Yes, it was an internal mock solution (with a client name humorously taken from a sitcom), but the implications of our solution were real and practical, and the solution itself could actually make a difference in the lives of users.

Seeing where our solution could be implemented at the end of the project made the work all the more interesting to me. I believe that meaningful work is important to our lives, and it was a real pleasure over this summer to be doing something I enjoyed and was interested in.

I believe that meaningful work is important to our lives, and it was a real pleasure over this summer to be doing something I enjoyed and was interested in.
$Louisa Rhodes$

The people make the place
For the majority of my internship, I worked from home in Nottingham, but we had the opportunity to visit the Maidenhead office as well. This was great for gelling with my team, and I loved the weird and wonderful conversations ‘round the coffee machine! But virtual does not mean disconnected, and in fact, working remotely meant a quick chat with someone in Ohio or Cologne was no big deal.

It’s repeated a lot, but it really is true that the people are what make Hyland so interesting. Even VPs made the time to meet and get to know every employee, down to the interns who are only around for a few months!

The last night in Maidenhead, I picked the brain of Tim Hood, vice president of sales for EMEA and Asia Pacific (APAC), on how it works employing people in many countries and what it’s like having such geographically diverse people to manage. It’s a credit to Tim and to Hyland that he was so embracing of my questions and personable with all his employees.

Throughout my internship, I gained real insight into how a large organisation operates. As someone with almost no background in business, these conversations were invaluable to me and truly eye-opening. I learned so much during my internship at Hyland, but more importantly, I had the pleasure of experiencing what working for a people-focused, global company is like.

To any students or young people considering applying for a summer internship or a job at Hyland: Go for it. It will be such a fantastic opportunity, and you will be hard pushed to match it anywhere else.

Rianna Chauhan interned for Hyland Software in summer 2021.RIANNA CHAUHAN, 21

Intern role: Solution consultant intern, Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) Global Services department

Education status: Third-year Chemistry student | King’s College London

Challenging. Incredible. Welcoming.

In our final presentation, the three UK-based interns were asked to sum up our time at Hyland in three words, and those are the words I chose.

I knew I wanted the role after my initial interview with my managers; they made the process both relaxed and interesting as I learned about their positive experiences working at Hyland. They made a few jokes in the process, which made me relieved that I would potentially have such a nice team to be a part of.

When I received the internship, I couldn’t stop smiling. Consulting was something I wanted to do in the future at a great firm such as Hyland, and my mum also commented what an incredible company it was after researching online. Going through the initial training, I was nervous I would not understand the content, studying Chemistry and having no background in tech. But I was pleasantly surprised that using the software was one of the most interesting things I have learnt and led me to learn content outside the core training.

Meeting Hylanders in Maidenhead and creating solutions
We were invited into the office in Maidenhead where our group of three interns met the rest of the team in person. We were shocked at how helpful and friendly everyone was, as they instantly treated us as a part of the company while the free office coffee machine and great dinners (particularly the Indian food) made the visit and Hyland even more appealing.

After our initial meeting, we were told the solution we would develop, involving onboarding subcontractors, was based on a real-life project that would be implemented in the future. This made the experience more challenging and enjoyable as the solution we would develop held real value. After numerous training videos, trials and calls we were able to successfully develop our project, which we were proud of, with the help of a recent solution consultant who helped us through each step of the process.

We presented our solution in front of our managers and the vice president of EMEA. The fact that they took the time to pay attention to our work really represented the great company culture.

Beyond solution strategy
Hyland’s great culture was also signified through my involvement with the Hyland Women in Networking (WIN) employee resource group, where I was able to provide my input in various initiatives, such as getting more men involved to join the committee. This led me to facilitate a presentation on gender equality where nearly 50 percent of the attendees were men, while the open discussion led to interesting topics including maternity and paternity leave, contributed by our guest speakers.

My experience went beyond the three words I used to sum up my time at Hyland, as it was an invaluable opportunity to learn about using Hyland’s software, working in such an interesting role and completing a project alongside such an incredible team.

I hope that the future interns at Hyland will savor their time here as much as I did and spend their time learning that the tech industry can be everyone and anyone.

Louisa Rhodes is a third-year Mathematics student at the University of Nottingham who interned with Global Services EMEA at Hyland over the summer of 2021. She enjoys reading, climbing and knitting lots of colourful hats!

Rianna Chauhan is a third-year Chemistry student at King’s College London who interned with the Solution Consulting department at Hyland.



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