What our execs are reading: Melissa Monter, AVP of R&D Operations

Welcome back to the What our execs are reading series, where the leaders of our business share what has inspired them in the past, or what is currently guiding them.

This time, we hear from Melissa Monter, AVP of R&D Operations at Hyland.


I first heard about Dare to Lead, by Brene Brown, through our HylandWIN group.

At the time, I thought, “Yes, I should definitely read that book.”

Here we are almost two years later, and I am finally listening to it on Audible. I have a long drive to and from my line dancing activities, so I like to listen to books or talk to my mom on the phone. While my mom always has great advice, I think the book is a little more applicable in this case.

Yes, line dancing is still a thing. I take classes, go to workshops, and teach classes. Someone even taught one of my choreographed dances at a national workshop – a little ditty called Bee My Honey.

Daring is caring

The reason Dare to Lead seemed interesting to me was the ‘dare’ part of the title. I think so much about leadership, regardless of your title or position, is about being daring – whether it is trying something new, being courageous, or just thinking in a different way than you did yesterday.

One of the interesting concepts in the book is called TASC. It is a high-level checklist you can use to set up guidelines for success.

Here’s how it works:

T: Who owns the task?

A: Do they have authority and can they be held accountable?

S: Do we agree they are set up for success (time, resources, clarity)?

C: Do we have a checklist of what needs to happen to accomplish the task?

This is an incredibly powerful tool I use not only in my job, but in my personal life as well. It allows you to take a step back and analyze if you are meeting these basic criteria. I like to get things done, so this is something I often tend to skip past. I am sure my teams can attest to this!

Reading this book was a great reminder to take the time to understand what is really important, and focus on that – before you begin. That sets your team up for success from the get-go.

All that’s left is a quick right vine, brush, stomp, hop, and a heel strut to the left!

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6 Responses

  1. Avatar JUDITH says:

    Good job! You also used line dancing in the blog

  2. Avatar Gina Cooper says:

    This is great advice for anyone – industry and educators alike. Sometimes as a professor I want to be sure my students are set up for success in the course and in their careers. It sounds like a great book. Great post and picture too!

  3. Avatar Melissa Greller says:

    Awesome Melissa! Congratulations on the article! I will be getting the audible!

  4. Avatar Q says:

    Nice post Melissa!! Thanks for sharing about Dare to Lead and the TASC concept.

  5. Avatar Barbara Cosgriff says:

    Nice write up Melissa, Thanks for sharing!

  6. Avatar Colleen Alber says:

    Melissa, you’re all around awesome!

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