United: Coming together at the Hyland annual meeting


If I told you that here at Hyland, we look forward to our four-hour annual meeting, would you think we’re nuts?

And what if I also told you that our annual meeting isn’t just one meeting – that it breaks off into departmental meetings and spans three days?

It’s true. And this year – our 26th, by the way – the annual meeting was better than ever. The following days and meetings revolved around three pillars: United, success, and Agile.

Pillar No. 1: United together

Here at Hyland, we take learning seriously. Not just during annual meetings and at CommunityLIVE, but throughout the year.

And we don’t just offer ongoing educational experiences for our customers. As an employee, you can drink the Kool-Aid too. You can really take control of your career here by utilizing many programs offered by our Career Development Department that include performance management, learning and development as well leadership development.

So we’re lifelong learners. That’s why we look forward to our annual meeting – because it always includes educational aspects.

First to speak during the main meeting was Hyland President and CEO Bill Priemer, who rolled out our mantra for the year: United.

“’United’ reflects the amazing diversity of our business and our company,” said Priemer. “Our product does so many things, we serve so many different kinds of customers. Our portfolio of solutions that we supply to our customers is so great, it takes people with different ranges of talents and skill sets to bring this value to our customers. It takes everyone working together to make this work.”

And just looking around the room, you could see everyone agreed. We really are a team at Hyland. One team, which coincidentally was our annual theme last year.

Pillar No. 2: Successful together

Next up was Chris Hyland, CFO, who talked about our financial highlights of 2016. He started out by mentioning his respect for numbers.

“Business numbers are important,” said Hyland. “And we had another amazing year.”

“But I want to call attention to the other thing numbers symbolize, and that is the people behind them. Our numbers tell a story of the 2,200-plus employees who own and sustain what is an incredibly unique culture of success. Clients, vendors, and partners say it’s clear that Hyland is a special place with incredibly special people. Every day, I see teams that come together, I see a real commitment and connection to our success that creates success that is far greater than any one of us could achieve on our own,” said Hyland.

Again, no disagreement there.

Pillar No. 3: Agile together

At Hyland, being united is all about actions that drive us forward. And even though we’ve always moved quickly in our Development Department and used the Agile methodology there, we’re now adopting it across the company to move quicker in a united manner.

Brenda Kirk, senior vice president of corporate strategy & product, spoke about why Agile is going to be such a great tool for Hyland.

“In 2017, we’re going to use this consistent approach that improves visibility, resource management, and our results,” said Kirk. “It’s a way to put action at the front and move quickly in a forward-looking way.”

While we’ve always moved fast at Hyland – allowing our customers to move fast as well – employing a proven methodology to manage that speed is important. And it’s yet another great step forward for the company.

Pillar No. 4: United together (again)

Last to speak was Ed McQuiston, senior vice president of global sales and marketing. He doubled-down on our theme for the year – that of being united as a team to continue our success.

“Sales is often the face of the organization, but cannot do it without a great product, great services, great support, and all of the people here and around the world that support the efforts that allow us to be so successful and recognized by customers and analysts as leaders,” said McQuiston.

That’s important. Because I could go on and on about how great we are, but my words pale in comparison – and importance – to those of our customers and the analysts who are continually evaluating the enterprise content management and information management industry.

On to the next meeting

Before we split off into subgroups, the main meeting ended in typical Hyland fashion, with access.

“The Hyland View” is a takeoff of the television show “The View,” where the executives who spoke during the meeting sat down and answered questions employees submitted in advance. It’s always a great way to get off-the-cuff responses that dig deep to shed light into aspects of our corporate strategy these leaders may not have talked about in their speeches or mentioned in other communications.

2016 was a great year for Hyland. But that doesn’t mean we’re going to rest on our laurels. Over the last three days, we focused on how to get better to make sure 2017 will also be a great year for our customers and potential customers.

“Like mountain climbers,” said Priemer, “we are tethered together. In helping others, you find that you are actually helping yourself.”

Because experiencing success together is what being united is all about.

Scoop Skupien

Scoop Skupien

Scoop Skupien is a former radio station mascot. A rabbit, if you really want to know. These days, he’s a content marketing manager at Hyland, as well as the editor... read more about: Scoop Skupien

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