The weekly recap: November 16 | Corn kernels, toothpicks, world records

Here in the U.S., next week is Thanksgiving. So, obviously, everyone is stocking up on turkey, stuffing, gravy, corn kernels, and toothpicks. After all, what is turkey day without showing off your corn kernel skewering skills?

First, the news.

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  • Limitations have implications. When it comes to healthcare, limitations can affect the ability to provide the best patient care possible.

That’s why healthcare provider organizations should consider an enterprise imaging strategy that helps bridge the gaps left by PACS, enabling centralized image management while facilitating interoperability with other systems. By providing easy enterprise access to medical imaging information, clinicians gain a more comprehensive view of their patients that improves treatment and diagnosis.

  • Secure file sharing can become tricky when you have many users – including people you need to collaborate with who are external to your organization.

But don’t despair! With ShareBase, you can quickly, easily, and securely share documents and folders while retaining full control over access.

  • When higher education institutions purchase technology solutions like content services, they need to consider these three hidden factors: Vendor financial viability, solution scalability, and an innovative vision.

Click here to read why these concealed considerations are so important.

Hyland news

OnBase automates document capture regardless of source or file type, then classifies the document and extracts data to facilitate indexing. With captured content connected to Workday Financial Management, the solution helps ensure information is not siloed in separate systems, keeping content in sync and easily accessible via one-click access from Workday Financial Management screens.

Fav thing of the week

  • It’s an age-old question: How many corn kernels can you eat with a toothpick in three minutes?

Thankfully, we now have an answer. If you have nimble fingers – like a brain surgeon or a classic pianist – you can eat 241 of them in 180 seconds. But that still doesn’t mean you’re as talented as this guy, because he has now set 83 Guinness World Records – including balancing a pool cue on his forehead for one hour and three minutes.

No word yet whether that helped him set the record for number of times visiting a chiropractor in one week.

That’s it. With the holiday next week, we will not publish a weekly recap. We’ll be back in December.

Have a great weekend!

Scoop Skupien

Scoop Skupien

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