The weekly recap: August 24 | No to September

Dear September: Don’t even think about it.

It’s not that we don’t like you. It’s just … no one is ready.

How about you go on a nice, late summer vacation and come back in November? Thanks!

As we held on to August with all our might, here’s what else we were up to this week.

The Hyland Blog

  • Recently, Hyland was honored to be named to the Top 23 Best Employers in Technology for Women 2018 List, published by Forbes.

Susan deCathelineau, Hyland’s VP of Global Healthcare Sales & Services, details why we made the list, and why it’s so important for every organization to be a safe, comfortable, and inspiring place to work – for everyone.

  • Carissa Nettle, Services Program Manager, has been a part of our Global Services team since 2007. She’s played important roles while watching the team grow into an industry leader providing content services and information management experts to organizations all over the world.

So she’s thrilled to show off the new Global Services video, starring the most talented people she knows.

  • CommunityLIVE is coming. And it’s a big deal.

If you’re on the fence about attending, check out Amy Maxey’s post that details why everyone from users to system administrators and executives should attend. As the Manager of our global conferences and events, she should know.

My fav thing of the week

  • I’m glad to know some other people are still out there celebrating summer. And they’re doing it in style.

This week, a water skiing team in Wisconsin formed an 80-person human pyramid on the water, shattering the previous Guinness World Record by 16 people.

Amazing! Even the margin by which the team beat the record is impressive. If you don’t think so, at your next party, get 14 friends to join you in forming a 15-person pyramid on land. You can even use the handy instructions I’ve provided for you.

Have a great weekend and good luck with your pyramid!

Scoop Skupien

Scoop Skupien

Scoop Skupien is a former radio station mascot. A rabbit, if you really want to know. These days, he's a content marketing manager at Hyland, as well as the editor of this blog. The author of three books, he’s been writing about tech at Hyland for more than a decade. His industry certifications include CDIA, ecmp, and an MBA.

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