The value of a post-grad internship

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When I graduated in the spring of 2017 from John Carroll University, I had one goal in mind: To get a full-time job in marketing. Throughout the course of my senior year, I researched jobs, applied to countless companies, drove from interview to interview and continuously edited my resume and cover letter.

Unfortunately, by the time graduation came, I still hadn’t landed my dream job.

Work can wait

Because the job hunt wasn’t working out as well as I had hoped, I decided that my dream job (whatever it may be) could wait. I have my whole life to work, what’s the rush? After four years of undergrad and two summers of full-time internships, this was the first time I had zero responsibility and a free schedule, so I elected for my first post-grad summer to be about recharging, relaxing and researching potential career options.

I used this time to travel to Los Angeles, Egypt, Washington D.C., Chicago, Mexico and Canada! The world was my oyster!

Time to adult

Once I exhausted my travelling budget, I realized I still had SO much to learn about marketing. In fact, I wasn’t even 100 percent sure what aspect of marketing I wanted to work in. I knew that I needed to taste a little bit of everything before settling into a full-time job.

So I shifted my career focus to finding an internship rather than full-time work. During the fall of my post-grad year, I started working as an intern for a small digital marketing agency. I blogged, managed social media, sat in on client meetings and even got to try my hand at project management.

I enjoyed every part of the job, but I had a special affinity for social. So I used this newfound attraction to social media as a way to narrow my search for my next career endeavor.

My second post-grad internship was at another small marketing agency, this time doing specifically social media and content creation. I loved having the ability to explore the creativity of content creation and focus only on social media. This experience allowed me to solidify my choice to continue along the social path. Although I loved the work that I was doing, I knew there wasn’t much room to grow.

As a young professional, I am always looking for new challenges and opportunities to learn. So I applied for an internship at Hyland in the Corporate Communications department. At this point in my career, this was the perfect opportunity for me. This internship would allow me to fine-tune my social media skills while increasing my knowledge of everything social media can do.

As a global company that continues to grow, I knew I would be able to learn so much not only from my manager and mentor, but from all of my other team members as well. While it has only been a month since I began at Hyland, I have already had the opportunity to learn the ins and outs of paid social advertising as well as the proper way to create organic content for social media. I’ve also been exposed to all that social media has to offer from a business perspective (FYI, there’s a lot).

The work that I do at Hyland is exciting and meaningful. The work, and the people I work with, make me look forward to coming into the office every day.

The value

Not having a full-time job waiting for me after graduation was stressful, but now a year (and three internships) later, I can safely say that I have decided to focus on social media marketing. I am grateful for having this past year to figure out my interests and strengths. I know that if I had taken a job right out of college, I wouldn’t be half as evolved as a marketer, and I wouldn’t have been able to learn as much and meet as many people to help me along the way.

I’m proud of the journey I’m on, and I am very happy to have landed in the #HylandLife.

Amy Awadalla is living and loving the #HylandLife as a social media intern. She is a graduate of John Carroll University with a degree in marketing. When Amy isn’t scrolling through her social feeds, she is trying new restaurants, traveling the world or spending time with her family in Canfield, Ohio.
Amy Awadalla

Amy Awadalla

Amy Awadalla is living and loving the #HylandLife as a social media intern. She is a graduate of John Carroll University with a degree in marketing. When Amy isn’t scrolling... read more about: Amy Awadalla