The top 5(ish) blog posts of Q1

We’ve all been busy over the last three months. So a few of our great blog posts might have slipped past you.

No worries. That’s what I’m here for. I’m like Murray Bannerman, the All-Star goalie for the Chicago Blackhawks when I was growing up.

I’m not a hockey fan. But, whenever we watched games, my dad and I would love it when Bannerman would make a crazy save with his foot and the announcer would scream, “Kick save, Bannerman!

So, here are the top posts I don’t want to slip past you. Enjoy!

Your favorite blog posts so far

1. Make the jump to Hyperdrive by soaring through the cloud

OK, we published this excellent blog post back in 2020.

Remember 2020? Me neither.

So technically, this post doesn’t count on the list; hence the “ish” in the title. But man, it’s so good.

Using Star Wars analogies to talk about how your organization should get ready right now to move to Epic’s Hyperdrive, this blog post also demonstrates the benefits of an integrated Hyland Cloud and Epic Cloud that delivers data to clinicians instantly. Moving to the cloud not only allows healthcare organizations to get a jump on Hyperdrive, it helps keep them competitive, agile, and ready to serve patients.

2. 4 things 2020 taught us

For some, it was a year of growth, as they found themselves in a prime position to serve their customer base. Others found themselves having to reinvent the way they think about their business in order to serve their customers safely.

Here are four ways 2020 had a powerful – and lasting – impact on the ebbs and flows of business.

3. AP automation: Put your money where your money is

AP automation is all the rage. It’s easy to see why. After all, with automated AP processes, your organization can save millions of dollars in processing costs alone.

Want a cheat sheet? Fine by me.

Here are five key deliverables that AP automation offers:

  1. Ensures control and accountability
  2. Enhances supplier experiences
  3. Replaces manual work with digital processes
  4. Enhances visibility into operations
  5. Puts smart cash control in the hands of decision makers

4. 8 ways HR can impact the bottom line

While hiring the best people is the ultimate goal of any HR department, the trick is turning this objective into something actionable. So how do you, the HR professional, drive value for your organization’s long-term success?

We identified eight ways HR can have a positive impact on your organization’s bottom line.

Sorry, no cheat sheet.

5. Celebrating International Women’s Day

The theme for International Women’s Day this year was “choosing to challenge.” It was a call for us all to challenge instances of gender bias and inequality. To celebrate women’s achievements. To raise awareness against bias.

Check out this great post to see how three women in STEM helped shape history. And why we should all be choosing to challenge the status quo.

6. Intelligent capture: Where do you start? Right here

“The measure of intelligence is the ability to change,” said Einstein.

I would say the same for your processes. And yes, Einstein could probably count to five better than I can.

That said, business has gone beyond simple scan functionality. Adding machine learning and artificial intelligence to data capture has empowered organizations to increase the efficiency and accuracy of the process by automating the capture, extraction, and verification of data.

With intelligent capture, you free employees from manual processes and give them the information they need to make more informed decisions and provide knowledgeable service.

Honorable mention

Since we’ve already gone over the limit, and I’m all out of hockey references, we might as well throw a fun one into the mix before we’re done. Trailing just behind the aforementioned – and informative – blog posts comes a piece that reminds us we all need to laugh.

Laughter is good for us. All of us.

Here’s a cheat sheet for the benefits of laughter:

  • Enhances your oxygen intake
  • Stimulates your heart
  • Increases endorphins
  • Relieves stress
  • Boosts your immune system, relieving pain, and improving your mood

So, without further ado, let’s talk about cats.

7. I’m not a cat: Sometimes, we all need a little help

animals on a zoom call

Sometimes, especially these days, when we’re utilizing technology to do just about everything virtually, things can go a little awry. Like, for example, when you turn into a cat during a hearing. With a judge.

And then the entire world sees it.

Maybe in your world, you were all set to get rid of a legacy system. But then you realized just how many solutions tie into that rickety old system. Now a judge is staring at you while you look like a cat frozen in the headlights.

That’s why, since 1998, we’ve offered services to go along with our award-winning software solutions. Working with your team, our industry-specific experts understand your business and the problems you need to solve. And if you inadvertently use a cat filter during a video chat, we won’t say a thing.

See you at the end of Q2!

That’s it. I hope you enjoyed this quarter’s wrap-up as much as a Zamboni doing a wheelie.

Hey, looks like I had one last hockey reference in me after all!

Scoop Skupien is a former radio station mascot. A rabbit, if you really want to know. These days, he's a content marketing manager at Hyland. The author of three books, he’s been writing about tech at Hyland for more than a decade. His industry certifications include CDIA, ecmp, and an MBA.
Scoop Skupien

Scoop Skupien

Scoop Skupien is a former radio station mascot. A rabbit, if you really want to know. These days, he’s a content marketing manager at Hyland. The author of three books,... read more about: Scoop Skupien