The top 10 questions from #AskMiguel

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Miguel Zubizarreta, Hyland CTO and executive vice president

Miguel Zubizarreta, Hyland CTO and executive vice president

Recently, Miguel Zubizarreta, CTO and executive vice president of Hyland, creator of OnBase, sat down for a live social media chat to answer any and all questions asked. And thanks to all of you, the event was a resounding success. Miguel opened the floodgates and answered a wide range of questions – from the way he uses OnBase in his role as CTO to the last place he traveled in his RV.

For those of you unable to attend the event live, we wanted to make sure you didn’t miss out on the fun. So, we gathered some of our favorite Q&As from the day.

The following are the top 10 questions and answers from the #AskMiguel event:

1. Question: It seems that many mid-sized enterprises are in a major state of flux between attachment to legacy systems and adoption of cloud solutions across the whole technology landscape. With all of that going on, where should ECM fall in the priorities of current CIO/CTOs?

MZ: Technology has always been in flux. There is a continuous churning because technology moves so fast, so I don’t think we’re in a new era. In fact, as time goes by, systems are becoming more complex, so it’s harder and harder to replace very complex applications. Businesses need to prioritize the initiatives that fundamentally lower their operational costs, which OnBase does. It will continue to get prioritized because of its strong return on investment.

2. Question: What do you use OnBase for in your role as CTO?

MZ: HR recruiting, compensation and purchase order processing.

3. Question: Is Hyland concerned with the growing number of “consumerized” content management related product offerings, or “App” styled approaches and lower entry price points becoming more prevalent in the marketplace today? If so, what marketing or license restructuring planning is Hyland working on to assist the community in continuing to compete in the small to mid-market?

MZ: As generic content management becomes consumerized, most low-end providers don’t provide significant value to organizations, especially with the value they provide to business processes through their workflows. We see a lot of organizations starting there with ECM, but evolve to need a solution with more business value, such as OnBase.

4. Question: What makes working at Hyland so unique?

MZ: The people. There is a good balance between innovation, passion for our product and a fun work culture.

5. Question: Any future plans for interaction with other mail systems – such as Google Mail?

MZ: Yes, we’re looking into what it takes to integrate with Gmail.

6. Question: When/if you retire, what do you plan to do with your time?

MZ: I’m going to travel. I’ve been to almost 50 countries, but there are so many I’ve never traveled to like Ireland, Switzerland and Egypt.

7. Question: Is Hyland considering expanding its “named” set of industries beyond the existing six? If so, any roadmap on what those will be?

MZ: Hyland sells software in 100 different industries, so I’d love to lead the effort to expand industries.

8. Question: What is your favorite TV show?

MZ: Gold Rush – reality TV show guys try to mine for gold.

9. Question: I sent in a question about HR application around what you mentioned onstage at OTTC last year. I wondered if that has come to fruition.

MZ: HR solutions deployed through the OnBase Cloud provide an option for organizations that are looking to implement an OnBase solution in HR, but do not want it comingled with their current OnBase solution. The OnBase Cloud gives you a hosted HR solution separate from an existing OnBase solution. We have prototypes of current solutions in the OnBase Cloud and we will continue to create case management solutions for processes such as onboarding and offboarding for our customers.

10. Question: Where was the last place you road-tripped to in the RV?

MZ: Vancouver for the 2010 Winter Olympics.

If you didn’t see your question answered above, don’t worry, that doesn’t mean Miguel didn’t answer it. Head over to the #AskMiguel section on our Facebook page to see all of the questions Miguel answered during the live chat.

Thank you to everyone who sent in questions or took part in the live chat. Keep tuning in to the blog for more events like this in the future!


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