The monthly top 5: National Custard Month (some call it May)

Whoosh. Another month gone by.

To make sure you didn’t blink and miss anything, here are the top five blog posts of the past 31 days that were May. Fun fact: May is National Chocolate Custard Month!

Now that I think about it, this would have been good information to share a month ago. Especially if it would have given you time to build a float for your community’s Chocolate Custard Parade.

So let me help you get ready for June. And guess what? The first weekend in June is … National Doughnut Weekend!

Prepare wisely, my friends.

Now what you came for, the top five.

El top 5

The overall trend last month was how to gain insight into your processes – through technology, analytics, and networking – to make them more efficient. Here are the details.

1. Why Heinen’s attends CommunityLIVE

Bob Walters is the business analyst at Henein’s – the No. 3 best supermarket in the country, according to Consumer Reports. Early in May, he took the time to share his thoughts about CommunityLIVE, which will already be here in a bit more than three months.

“Whether you’re looking to improve your customer experience, find out about content services, or are charting your organization’s digital transformation,” said Walters, “you’ll find the answers to your questions.”

Check out his post to find out why he looks forward to attending every year, and how he takes home ideas from his peers.

2. Is your HR department wasting 300 hours a year handling paper?

Do your HR professionals spend a full month of eight-hour work days maintaining employee records and looking for information in paper documents, files, and emails?

Imagine what they could accomplish with that time. Hours they could use to create more value for your organization such as training and development programs, recruitment and retention strategies, and succession planning.

Or building the most incredible Chocolate Custard Parade float in history!

To learn five reasons why your HR department should go digital, check out the details by Danielle Simer, Hyland’s marketing portfolio manager.

3. Why AP metrics matter

The greater the degree of AP automation, the easier it is to gather performance metrics. Why are these metrics important?

Because they help improve quality, cost efficiency, and productivity, which all affect the bottom line.

To find out more about how to use AP metrics to increase your organization’s effectiveness, read this post by The Institute of Finance and Management.

4. GDPR is no laughing matter

Does your organization have $20 million laying around to cover compliance violations?

If you do, congratulations! Stop reading right now, jump on the helicopter, and head to the company yacht.

If you don’t, maybe you’d like to be more proactive when it comes to compliance and regulations. Or maybe you like talking fish. Either way, we’ve got you covered, as my latest comic strip demonstrates.

5. Artificial intelligence and data capture technology, a recipe for success

Data capture solutions are starting to leverage concepts from robotic process automation and artificial intelligence to take automation to the next level.

To start thinking about how intelligent capture can increase speed and accuracy across your organization, check out what Jaclyn Inglis, a product marketing specialist at Hyland, has to say.

Fav thing of the month: Chocolate Custard Parades

  • Is it me, or does the world need more chocolate parades?

That’s it. Have a great National Doughnut Weekend!

Scoop Skupien is a former radio station mascot. A rabbit, if you really want to know. These days, he's a content marketing manager at Hyland. The author of three books, he’s been writing about tech at Hyland for more than a decade. His industry certifications include CDIA, ecmp, and an MBA.
Scoop Skupien

Scoop Skupien

Scoop Skupien is a former radio station mascot. A rabbit, if you really want to know. These days, he’s a content marketing manager at Hyland. The author of three books,... read more about: Scoop Skupien