The monthly top 5: July 2021 The Hyland blog's most popular posts in July

With August coming in strong, it’s time to reflect on what many of our readers were interested in last month.

From intelligent automation and healthcare technology updates to Ed McQuiston’s thoughts on the driving force of centering Hyland customers in our own evolution, July’s top hits included a lot of solid insights.

Here’s what readers were most interested in last month:

#1: 5 examples of what intelligent automation could look like at your organization, by Scott Caesar

Intelligent automation is top of mind as organizations look for ways to keep their productivity high, their costs down and their enterprise cutting-edge. In Scott’s popular piece, he:

  • Defines artificial intelligence vs. intelligent automation
  • Gives five intelligent automation examples, including intelligent automation use cases
  • Makes the practical case for embracing an intelligent automation strategy

The piece is packed with useful information that innovative leaders can leverage as they push their digital paths forward.

#2: It’s about the customer — it always has been, by Ed McQuiston

Customer success matters to Hyland, and this piece by Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer Ed McQuiston eliminates any question about what drives Hylanders to keep innovating: It’s our customers.

“Ensuring the ongoing value of our partnerships with our customers is a business imperative.”

Our customers’ needs, their future-state focus and their partnership with us in evolving better, faster, more responsive solutions are what keep Hyland moving forward.

#3: Where do we go from here? Exploring the future of enterprise imaging in a COVID-19 world, by Julie Clements

Healthcare Solution Marketing Manager Julie Clements shared insight on the state of enterprise imaging in a COVID-19 world, in this piece published shortly after 2020’s virtual Hyland Enterprise Imaging Forum.

As Julie analyzes the future of enterprise imaging in this piece, she also shares quotations from Hyland customers and panel participants that hint at the need for continued connectivity technology.

#4: Make the jump to Hyperdrive by soaring through the cloud, by Tom Tennant

May the force be with you, healthcare organizations! This Star Wars-themed article provides important information for Epic customers as the popular electronic medical record (EMR) software company transitions customers to hyperspace via Hyperdrive, its new web-based browser platform.

The takeaway?

“Hyland Healthcare’s Epic customers have a leg up. Our longtime collaboration with Epic ensures our healthcare solutions provide a seamless integration with the EMR, empowering customers by securely capturing, managing, viewing and instantly sharing vital patient information to clinicians when and where they need it. That strategy won’t change with Hyperdrive.”

Learn more about making the jump!

#5: 3 examples of how digitizing HR leads to organizational success, by Wes Keller

How important is human resources? Extremely — and this piece about three HR teams using Hyland to strengthen their organizations makes it clear:

  • Retailer Kwik Trip eliminated paper and gained “100 percent more confidence” in the security of its HR information
  • Health system MetroHealth eliminated manual data entry and freed up 80 hours per month “to do something other than filing” in HR
  • Grocery chain Heinen’s grew its business by about 25 percent without adding any employees to HR by deploying its solution on the Hyland Cloud

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