The monthly top 5: Janvier et Fevrier

I was on vacation at the end of January, so I forgot about the monthly top five. Please forgive me.

In my defense, I was having un grand moment on Guadeloupe. Yes, I had to use Google to say “a great time” in French.

My wife and I have visited the laidback French Caribbean island for the last four years in a row, so I should have the verbal prowess to say something as easy as that – without cheating. Sadly, not so.

In fact, a friend I’ve known on Guadeloupe for four years recently called me out on it.

“Next year, no English,” said Fannie. “None.”

Anyhoo, to make up for my forgetfulness and lack of language skills, this month, you get a twofer: January and February!

J’espere qu ca vous plait!

The top 5

1. 6 enterprise technology trends that will drive growth in 2020

Want to know what tech trends you should be aware of this year?

Whether it’s prioritizing the cloud, utilizing blockchain, or embracing tech as a customer loyalty tool, Ed McQuiston, Hyland’s executive vice president and chief commercial officer, has you covered.

Check out Ed’s post for all six trends, plus a great bonus story about lost luggage and a customer service rep who went the extra mile – willing or not.

2. What our execs are reading: Melissa Monter, AVP of R&D Operations

What does line dancing have to do with leadership in the tech industry?

Read this great post by Melissa to find out!

3. Digital transformation starts with 2020 vision

Digital transformation is directly related to elevated customer experiences. With the pace of data-driven innovation faster than ever before, those who do not place digital transformation efforts at the top of IT and organizational priorities may find themselves left behind – regardless of how strong their brand is or how long they’ve been successful.

Read this informative post by Sarah Stoner, content strategist at Hyland, to help focus your strategic vision this year.

Bonus: Sarah also includes a list of reasons why it’s strategic to outsource data migration projects to experts.

4. Accessibility or access ability?

Organizations need to be thinking of as many ways as possible to provide access to their software, websites, and third-party tools.

Read this excellent post to find out the backstory that led Joe Shearer, research analyst at Hyland, to increase his efforts to continue to improve our user experience for people with vision impairments.

5. 5 financial services tech trends to keep an eye on in 2020

In a nice bookend to your favorite post so far this year, the No. 5 fan favorite focuses on what tech trends the financial services industry should keep its eye on in 2020.

What are they? Check out this great post by Bryan Boynar, global solutions manager for financial services and insurance at Hyland, to find out.


Next year is already this year.

… And my French is not ready.

Are you?

Scoop Skupien is a former radio station mascot. A rabbit, if you really want to know. These days, he's a content marketing manager at Hyland. The author of three books, he’s been writing about tech at Hyland for more than a decade. His industry certifications include CDIA, ecmp, and an MBA.
Scoop Skupien

Scoop Skupien

Scoop Skupien is a former radio station mascot. A rabbit, if you really want to know. These days, he’s a content marketing manager at Hyland. The author of three books,... read more about: Scoop Skupien