The importance of training and education

A few years ago, my family raised a dog for the Association for the Blind of WA (Inc). The beautiful golden lab retriever came to us as a puppy. Her training was so thorough, it reminded me how important education and training are for any chance of success.

We were a little lucky as well, because this glorious puppy had the traits and after two years, she completed her training and graduated from Guide Dogs WA. When we handed her over, we cried and probably were a little depressed for a bit; however, she was on a new journey and should she succeed, it would all be worth it.

I was privileged to attend her graduation and I’m proud that she now provides independence for a vision-impaired person.

At the beginning of the process, we didn’t really know anything about raising a dog for such a goal, let alone experience with any pets. But we knew the training programme was critical.

My own training

I recently joined Hyland and finished training at our headquarters in Westlake, Ohio, USA. I was impressed. Hyland has this down pat (no pun intended, ok maybe a little).

I joined a class of 30 new recruits from across the globe who’ll work across several verticals, including Healthcare, where I’ll work. Hyland covers everything in training; guiding us through the company, processes, systems, contracting, HR, IT and of course all the solutions Hyland offers. Every new employee has to practice, learn and provide a demonstration to the class and their manager – everyone.

That kind of culture of learning – from interns to executives – is how we provide value to our customers.

The company has grown tremendously since inception in 1991 and yet, the sense of community is incredibly strong. What’s more, with ongoing training, career development programs and many other resources, I know that I’ll be supported going forward and will not be left to go it alone.

Speaking of which, I didn’t expect just how liberating it would be for the dog we raised to guide her new partner and provide a welcome level of independence, something that this person hadn’t experienced for quite some time. To see her in work mode was incredible, yet more amazing was the bond she has made with her new human sidekick.

The dog we helped raise now has a new home where she’s incredibly valued, not just as a guide, but also as a companion through whom the new family has benefited from greater social engagement.

I feel like the community here at Hyland gets that. It’s what they call #HylandLife. It’s a great company, and I’m glad I joined.

See Guide dogs WA at to learn more.

Peter Weston is manager of Hyland Healthcare Sales in the Asia Pacific region. He has a Masters in Public Health.

Peter Weston

Peter Weston is manager of Hyland Healthcare Sales in the Asia Pacific region. He has a Masters in Public Health.

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