The hidden benefits of being clueless

Hyland Interns 2016

It’s finally spring in northern Ohio! The leaves have unfurled, baby animals are frolicking, and a fresh batch of interns are wandering Hyland’s Westlake campus as they take advantage of the Hyland Software internship program.

As an intern, I have more questions than answers. Questions like:

  • Why are we doing _____ in this fashion?
  • I was expecting _____, why isn’t it that way?
  • How did _____ evolve to this point?

Then there are the more angst-ridden, adolescent-type questions:

The power of asking questions

What we don’t know, but take initiative to ask about, strengthens us. Not just us interns, but Hyland as a whole.

You see, while writing this, I realized something important. There’s power in newness, like spring itself, kicking off the transition into summer and growth – both environmentally and personally.

Being new, we still have fresh eyes. We see things and automatically question “Why?” because it’s the first time we’ve encountered them.

Like 4-year-olds, we’re naturally inquisitive. Our questions, which may seem simplistic or silly, have the potential to spark new perspectives and ideas in the “adults” around here, as well as help us get the information we need to get things done.

Not only do new perspectives inspire software innovation, they shine light into corners that we may have been ignoring for a while. Are there opportunities there that we’re missing?

New perspectives also encourage experts to go back to the beginning, which can lead them down paths they never would have taken during their original journeys.

So I say, let’s leverage our inexperience to improve ourselves and our workplace! There are benefits to being clueless. Questions are valuable.

Make it rain! It is spring, after all.

Giovanna Orlando
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