Thanksgiving, football … invoices


What’s worse than paying a bill late? Paying it twice.

That’s a penalty that just might put you on the bench.

Removing risk

If your organization is having trouble with visibility into invoice processing, it’s time to get clear.

The right accounts payable software gives you easy access to critical AP information and provides strategic insight into your organization’s financial health.

Without the ability to control who has approval authority, you run the risk of people who shouldn’t have permission – or aren’t sure whether an invoice is legitimate – authorizing payments. This can result in duplicate payments, fraud, or overpayments.

Getting rid of paper, integrating systems

Still relying on paper?

The right AP solution will empower your organization to electronically capture invoices and documents when they arrive and make them immediately available for processing.

No more waiting for interoffice mail, accruals decisions, or exceptions resolution. With automated workflow distribution, reviews, and approvals, you process more invoices in less time – with better accuracy.

Taking things a step further, you can integrate systems – without custom coding – so they can communicate with each other. Doing so, you:

  • Easily share data between systems
  • Expand the power of your ERP
  • Eliminate redundant data entry

Playing like a champion

The fourth quarter of 2019 is winding down. Is your team risking a penalty flag?

As the clock ticks away, right now is the best time to make sure your team is playing like a champion.

Scoop Skupien

Scoop Skupien

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