Tapping passions: How a lesson on home brewing can give your team a boost


Recently, we hosted the first-ever “Hyland Big Brew Out,” a showcase of the home brewing prowess of numerous Hylanders. With flavors ranging from robust porters and even a Bananas Foster Hefeweizen, the event featured six unique brewers and over 40 gallons of beer produced by everything from single-propane burners to extract brewing, self-contained electric brewing, gravity all-grain brewing and single tier-RIMS brewing.

Purpose + passion = success

But what does making beer have to do with being a part of a company like Hyland? It highlights the unmistakable sense of purpose and passion of everyone who works at Hyland that quite simply cannot be imitated. But just as important as that passion is for the work we all do, there are many of us who have passions that extend beyond software.

Luckily, these passions are encouraged by our colleagues every day.

Tom Jenkins – a Hylander who gave a speech outlining the “simple” brewing process and the care that must go into it – and others like him at Hyland have a passion for home brewing and perfecting every sip of their concoctions. People like myself have a passion for sports writing. Others have passions for coding, video games, and art.

In fact, the social groups here at Hyland are as diverse as the styles of beer described in “Homebrewed,” the title of Jenkins’ speech. I know that I would not be able to write here or for Factory of Sadness without the culture at Hyland supporting the passions of its people.

What it all comes down to is this: People everywhere have passions beyond their chosen professions. These passions have a tremendous impact on their professions, even if there is not a straight line between the office work and the home brews. Our passions make us more innovative and more creative in our careers, all while helping us achieve the all-too-elusive work-life balance.

The right ingredients

For example, creating a software solution for a customer is not all too different from creating the right homespun craft beer. It’s a balance of the right ingredients and a whole lot of care to be the best steward possible for our customers.

Putting together new flavors speaks to a person’s creativity while tinkering with the brewing process speaks to a person’s ingenuity and ability to improve production processes. These are traits we look for in our team members to make our own work processes better and our products better.

And it works.

It doesn’t take much to tap into your own passion. Jenkins highlighted numerous well-known brewers that had humble beginnings in bathtubs and stove tops.

It’s also just as easy to tap into the passion of your teams or team members. There are undoubtedly talents beneath the surface of your colleagues or folks that you may supervise. There’s bound be to be an artist, craftsman, or maybe even a home brewer on your team. By tapping into those passions, you will bring out the best in your team.

Joe Russo

Joe Russo

Joe Russo is a strategic account manager at Hyland. Currently, Joe also writes for Factory of Sadness, a Cleveland sports website operated by Fansided, and The OnBase and Hyland Blogs.... read more about: Joe Russo

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