On the move with mobile

Today, everyone expects to access their information and business processes, wherever they are. At Hyland, the mobile development team’s goal is to turn mobile devices into productivity force multipliers for our customers, enabling them to do more … wherever they are.

And, by the way, our customers love this! Who doesn’t like increased flexibility and productivity?

For example, take our mobile healthcare solutions, which provide great experiences for patients, nurses, and doctors by eliminating the need for clipboards, paper charts, and filling out the same information over and over again! (How many times do they really need your address, anyway?)

Tap your phone

In our industry, the mobile market is still largely untapped, with many interesting and difficult challenges left to figure out. Which is fine by us. We love challenges.

Today, we write our applications natively for each platform, using Objective-C and Swift on iOS, as well as Java and Kotlin on Android. We’re transitioning to hybrid mobile application development using web technologies to reduce duplicate efforts between platforms.

This increases user experience consistency across our desktop, web, and mobile applications.

To help accomplish this, we’re developing components using Angular and TypeScript that look great. Also great is the fact that we can reuse them across our applications.

Tap your future

But we have a lot of work to do. That’s why we’re looking for developers with experience in mobile responsive web development. Of course, we still need native mobile application developers to create native implementations for components that just aren’t feasible via the web.

If you eat, sleep, bleed, and love all things mobile, we’d love for you to be a part of our team.

Come join a group of talented, dedicated, and passionate mobile developers working to solve interesting problems and drive the future of mobile development at Hyland! Check out our current mobile development openings and other Hyland careers.

Tom Buehner

Tom Buehner

Tom Buehner is a software development manager that started his #HylandLife in 2005 as a software developer on the OnBase Web Client team where he helped create the first OnBase... read more about: Tom Buehner

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