Now more than ever

Something I frequently say is, “The only thing worse than bad news is the unknown.” Unfortunately, ‘unknown’ is the current state for all of us.

But as they say, it’s times like these when we find out what we’re made of.

At Hyland, we have five core values. These aren’t just words on a wall in HQ. They are cultural bedrocks that influence every decision we make.

“Our Employees are our Family” is one of those core values. As an executive at Hyland, right now it is an hourly struggle to ingest, process, and disseminate information to all of our people with their safety in mind. We also have to take all the customers, partners, and prospects they come in contact with into consideration.

For all of us, what we want is information, reassurance, certainty.

We want to answer the questions we are all asking. Am I safe? Is my family safe? What activities are safe? Can I travel? The list goes on.

We need to be safe, now more than ever

Both people and businesses are feeling the impact of COVID-19 worldwide. The World Health Organization recently declared it a pandemic with the hopes of raising the level of every country’s response to stem the spread of the virus. For all of us, it is difficult to grapple with the uncertainty, especially when we need to move forward in both our personal and professional lives.

Because we need to do so as safely as possible.

That’s why many organizations are electing to have traditionally office-based employees work from home for the near future. Some organizations are better prepared because they already had large numbers of remote employees, while others are acutely feeling the strain of ramping up the ability to work virtually. Business continuity plans are being tested in ‘live fire’ conditions.

And yet, while organizations are feeling the incredible pressure of focusing on wellness and the health of their employees, consumer pressures on B2C businesses, and urgency in B2B transactions is at a fever pitch.

Financial markets are being tested. Supply chains are stretched thin. Educational institutions are having to postpone classes. Healthcare institutions are being strained.

And all of this comes at a time where consumer conditioning is to get answers, goods, and services ‘right now,’ often in the time it takes to hit submit on their phones.

We need accurate information, now more than ever

To service and satisfy demand at a time when everyone wants immediate answers requires information.

For nearly 30 years, Hyland has been in the information management business. Sharing information across an organizational enterprise has been at the heart of our business since its inception. Although, the definition of ‘user’ and the context of ‘enterprise’ has changed dramatically in that time: It went from HQ-based employees to remote offices to home-based employees to today’s focus on sharing information externally with customers, patients, insureds, students, constituents, vendors, and more.

It is those external ‘users’ whom we must service at higher levels than ever before with improved turnaround times, responsiveness, mobile access, online portals, and the like. Personalized experiences are not just desired, but are expected. But, it is also the internal employee experience that requires focus, enabling key internal stakeholders with information at their fingertips when and where they need it to deliver the best service possible.

Especially now.

With companies scrambling to deal with the unknowns of COVID-19, in order to protect their employees, these work-from-home policies are indefinite in many cases. With minimized access to internal resources and experts, the availability of information to those newly remote employees is critical. The ability to access information through web, portals, mobile apps, and integrations with line-of-business systems will enable service levels to be maintained throughout these difficult times.

Thinking more strategically though, putting that information to use to inform both inside and outside the organization is vital. In a crisis, the absence of information is more frustrating than bad information.

That’s where content services can help.

The world of content services is much more than just storing and retrieving information. It provides you with powerful tools such as a customer communications management application, empowering your employees to open up multi-channel delivery systems to inform customers in real time of temporary changes in policies, procedures, safety precautions, etc., with delivery via text, email, fax, and yes, print as well. You can also take advantage of cloud-based sharing applications that enable the secure delivery of information both internally and outside of the organization, including tracking capabilities and task management.

We need agility, now more than ever

But, perhaps most important in these trying times is business agility.

All of us are feeling the pressures of a fluid and rapidly evolving crisis that requires pivots in approach(es) daily, if not hourly. Many organizations are discovering the need for unanticipated applications – and there is no time to wait through traditional procurement and review cycles to find those answers.

Applications for everything from logging employee issues to the need for an asset-tracking application to track equipment employees are now taking home have become critical. Those same applications require sharing and collaboration that goes beyond the traditional capabilities of fallback tools like Microsoft Excel.

That’s why we develop our solutions with low-code configurability at the root of our architectural design. Organizations that need to launch applications can do so quickly with Hyland’s tools. They can leverage a fast launch, business process management capabilities, sharing capabilities, and even the ability to pivot a launched application’s functionality or approval conditions based on the changes happening all around us.

This is a time where uncertainty weighs upon us. There is a thirst for information that is seemingly unquenchable. For our customers, digesting and disseminating in new ways is a pressure they are feeling. Fortunately, we offer a unique set of configurable content services easily launched in the cloud that give your organization instant global reach.

We need to work together, even remotely, now more than ever

As for Hyland, it is our own tools that sustain us in these uncertain times.

We have always maintained a disruption plan that addresses natural disasters as well as infectious disease outbreaks. That’s why the success of our infrastructure does not hinge on employees working physically at our global offices. Meanwhile, we have implemented the necessary testing to provide continued support, core business functions, and service delivery to our customers – and to ensure the health of our community.

As Hylanders work from home until at least April 10, they have the information they need to work on contracts, pay invoices, approve sales terms, manage HR processes, distribute policies, and more. We are enabling them to move forward in their professional lives, so they can continue to provide you with support, while offering them personal security through the kinds of social distancing recommended by the WHO and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

And we can help you do the same.

Bringing certainty in uncertain times is not just about technology. Transforming the unknown to the known isn’t just about business. It’s about people.

Let’s help them, together. Now, more than ever.

Ed McQuiston is Hyland's executive vice president & chief commercial officer, a position he’s held since 2017. Having served as vice president of global sales since 2012, his current role includes responsibility for Marketing and Global Services which aligns the three functions in support of Hyland’s continued global expansion. Ed’s tenure at Hyland and extensive knowledge of its product suite helps support and expand Hyland’s strategic initiatives.
Ed McQuiston

Ed McQuiston

Ed McQuiston is Hyland’s executive vice president & chief commercial officer, a position he’s held since 2017. Having served as vice president of global sales since 2012, his current role... read more about: Ed McQuiston