Living the #HylandLife: Hy-5


When we talk about an organization’s culture, what we’re really talking about is the people who work there: passionate, dedicated, caring, innovative, customer-focused.

Here at Hyland, we call this the #HylandLife.

We could talk all day long about how Hyland has a unique culture, where collaboration and kindness are just as critical to our success as our product knowledge. But we’d rather show you.

Living the HylandLife

There are Hylanders all over the world, and we look forward to introducing you to their jobs, interests, personalities and teams in a new vlog series, “Living the HylandLife.” In this first vlog, Alana Coticchia, Social Media Team Lead, takes you to our 10th annual Hy-5, a 5k race and one-mile walk in support of Northeast Ohio hospital system MetroHealth.

We’re proud of our culture and all the ways our diverse Hyland community embodies it. We hope you enjoy “Living the HylandLife” as much as we do.

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2 Responses

  1. Colleen Colleen says:

    I love this! Alana makes social so fun and she is a speedster — 21 min 5K — day whaaaat?! #hylandlife

  2. Thanks Colleen! 🙂

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